About the book

Our mission is to create a book that helps families with little adopted children, to help parents for explaning what adoption means and for children to understand it easyer.

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A little more about us

We are two women who have two men with whom they have two children. We are Mariana and Dimitra - an illustrator and a copywriter. Two mothers. Two quiet natures with wild imagination. We are two grown-up girls with scuffed knees and shaggy fiery hair. We love mousaka, blueberry muffins, red wine and good long stories.

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Upcoming projects

Our next project is with a long red beak and even longer legs and will fly along with the next spring in 2019.

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Fairy world

The world of children is colorful,
varied and does not fit within any frame.

The books that they read must be the same.

That's why we created "How it all began" - to give Bulgarian children books that are interesting, modern, meaningful, helpful, to learn,
to provoke dialogue and play.

We start with the pilot "How it all began"
and the next one is hatching ...