2019 infiniti q60 red sport 400 review

The Red Sport 400 package comes with a nice list of standard features including the 20” wheels, rearview camera, power seats, power moon roof, pushbutton start, remote start, keyless entry, power tilt wheel, Bluetooth, voice activation, the Bose stereo, and two USB ports in the center console. As the base model, Pure offers a decent collection of features. My review vehicle has the optional … Your trusted source for all the latest automotive content. I’ve often said that I don’t spend a lot of time on design in my reviews because you like what you like and vice versa so who cares but with an enchantress like this, attention is required. That’s becoming a bigger and bigger misstep these days as more and more buyers are putting these integrations at the top of their punch lists. You’ll be much happier. The 2019 Infiniti Q60 I-Line Red Sport 400, meanwhile, is not just any model, but a halo car of the Infiniti brand. It will take you from 0-to-60 in just 4.5 seconds and the white interior looks fantastic. Trusted Dealers. And there are some real great reds on the market right now from Mazda, Ford and Land Rover but this Dynamic Sunstone Red from Infiniti doesn’t play second fiddle to any of them. The Sport Exhaust adds $700 but is totally worth it if you want more bark. Both seats are adjustable eight way and they’re both supportive and comfortable. Everything is simple to operate and understand, and I like being able to display the navigation map and traffic without having to make it disappear to change radio stations. Expert Answers. Most notable, for $2250 you get the ProAssist package, which is blind spot warning, reverse braking, and front and rear parking sensors. Wireless charging is absent and the dual touchscreen infotainment system is a throwback…ditto for the dated gauge display. 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Test Drive. Actually, a much more hair-raising drive is more apt. © 2020 TRADER Corporation. 2) That your information is kept confidential and will not be released to any other organizations. While you do use the screen to individually adjust settings such as steering and throttle response, the drive mode itself (Eco, Snow, Standard, Sport, Sport+) is toggled via a switch mounted just left of the shifter. If the posted price, incentive, offer or other service is incorrect due to typographical or other error we will only be responsible for honoring the correct price, incentive or offer. Trunk space is good and the rear seats do fold down. It looks terrific. As the name suggests, the Red Sport 400 has 400-horses packed into a 3-liter V6 with twin turbochargers. White leather covers most surfaces and those that aren’t get a silvery carbon-fibre look that just doesn’t scream “luxury”, but more “Look at me!” – in a bad way. And that’s probably the best use for the rear seats, as I wouldn’t expect anyone to be sitting back there in the Q60, or any sports coupe, for that matter. The upper screen operates the navigation system and 360-degree camera and operates from a round knob just below the gearshift. It’s loud when you want it to be and quiet enough not to drone too much while on the highway. Indeed, I found myself doing an extra grocery run just so I could get in and drive, even for a short trip. There are other available colours but other than maybe Iridium Blue, this is the one I’d have. Make no mistake, this is a true sports car with superb handling and amazing acceleration, it even sounds good in Sport Plus mode.

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