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In the hybrid UX, power goes to all four corners thanks to dual electric motors, one located on the rear axle and unconnected to the front. The rear doors aren’t so wide at their bases, and it can take some geometry to slide in size 12 hooves. Saját kategóriájában az UX tömegközéppontja a legalacsonyabb; ez az egyik legfőbb oka az autó agilis és kezes viselkedésének. The U.S.-spec UX doesn’t get the adaptive dampers sold in other markets, though. Navigation is available with a 10.3-inch display screen. A 60:40 arányban osztott hátsó üléssorral felszerelt UX utasait kényelmes kartámasz várja, benne két nagy méretű pohártartóval. In Sport mode, Lexus pipes in some added powertrain noise to give the UX more aural character. Not only that, but some functions are tucked under a palm rest: hidden rollers adjust volume, stations, and audio source. Lexus claims 33.1 inches of rear leg room; in real-world terms, it puts the UX crossover a good margin ahead in physical space and people-carrying utility. An optional F Sport package adds a body kit with revised front and rear bumpers and distinct 18-inch wheels, as well as fog lamps, badges, and its own mesh grille. Découvrez le Lexus UX 250h, le SUV urbain de notre gamme Hybride auto-rechargeable. Neither the NHTSA nor the IIHS have crash-tested the 2019 UX crossover yet, so we leave this score blank. Az új Lexus UX crossover maximális, 5 csillagos besorolást kapott a járművek biztonságát vizsgáló 2019-es Euro NCAP teszten. The crossover's deep dashboard appears to connect to its hood, providing a unique view out from the driver's seat. All 2019 Lexus UX crossover SUVs get power features, cruise control, air conditioning, satellite radio, power front seats, LED headlights, keyless ignition, and a 7.0-inch wide display screen. Through the car’s infotainment app environment, the Lexus UX driver can use Alexa while they drive to order stuff from Amazon, because it’s 2018 and every iteration of technology ends in either social-media comeuppance or a purchase. Other standard and available features include navigation, premium audio, Apple CarPlay compatibility (but no Android Auto just yet), a sunroof, and in-car Alexa service that (finally?) Lexus sells a 168-horsepower UX200 with front-wheel drive, and a 176-hp UX250h hybrid with all-wheel drive that uses an electric motor to provide through-the-road four-wheel traction. Once inside, tall passengers get treated to very good leg and head room for adults. A casco biztosítás díja előre nem ismert, így azt a THM nem tartalmazza. Total system horsepower for the 3,605-pound UX 250h grows to just 176 hp, which is still on the low end for a pint-size crossover with a luxury badge on its hood. Luxury versions add to that a power tilt/telescope steering, blind-spot monitors, and the hands-free tailgate. A finanszírozási ajánlat alapja a Toyota Pénzügyi Zrt. It can be set to learn some of its driver’s habits, such as where they slow down and accelerate on regular commutes. High and somewhat shallow, the cargo bin in the UX250h hybrid has 17.1 cubic feet of storage space, on the smaller end of useful. Hybrids are heavier, of course, and don’t feel exactly precise, but can be hustled through urban obstacle courses with confidence. An optional sound system has 8 speakers. When equipped with navigation, the UX250h can increase its fuel economy beyond the usual direct-injection and stop/start benefits. The 2019 UX comes in two configurations in the U.S. F Sports also get stiffer springs and stabilizer bars for a sure-footed but still gentle sense of control. brings driving and shopping together under one sheet-metal roof. Lexus hasn't detailed how its program will work and how it will compare to the Volvo XC40. We do, however, support version 9.0+ and other browsers. From its smart size to its agile performance and impressive turning radius, every aspect of the first-ever Lexus compact crossover was crafted for exploration. The driver watches a 7.0-inch TFT screen with a big speedometer and ancillary gauges, as well as an information screen; on the F Sport, the cluster grows to 8.0 inches. On the UX, the current styling theme’s playful and adventurous in a way its European competition is not, and that’s a positive development for a brand that has followed more than it’s led in styling. The 2019 UX has dramatic styling that starts with an hourglass-shaped spindle grille with a lovely texture. (Read more about how we rate cars.). Rate and Review your car for The Car Connection! The Car Connection is published by, Browse all 2019 Lexus UX listings in your area », Be the first one to write a review on 2019 Lexus UX. On the UX F Sport models, paddle shift controls allow drivers to flip through the simulated gear ratios. The UX comports itself best, perhaps, in rear-seat space. A head-up display with info from the park assist and navigation is an option, as are blind-spot monitors. Non-hybrid UX200 hatchbacks have 21.7 cubic feet, which translates into another roll-aboard, perhaps. A Lexus látványos hűtőmaszkjával és sportos megjelenésével az UX friss, merész megközelítést hoz a crossoverek világába. Az itt ábrázolt modell nem a teljes kínálatot reprezentálja! Lexus UX 250h 2019 UK review. The big spindle grille, the dewlaps at the front end, the finned taillights all cut a distinctive path through the air, a path we think will be compelling for some time. Az egyedülálló 10,3 colos képernyő 360 fokos felülnézeti képet nyújt az autóról és környezetéről. The combination in the 3,307-pound UX200 yields a 0-60 mph time of 8.9 seconds, according to Lexus, and a top speed of 118 mph. A Lexus Safety System+ minden részletre kiterjedő, balesetmegelőző biztonsági csomag, gyalogos- és kerékpárosészlelő funkcióval. From its smart size to its agile performance and impressive turning radius, every aspect of the first-ever Lexus compact crossover was crafted for exploration. A vezeték nélküli töltő segítségével pedig mindig kényelmesen töltheti fel telefonját. Lexus moves power to the front wheels of the UX200 via a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The base seats wear cloth upholstery, and some versions can wear a pretty two-tone blue-and-grey interior with a grippy texture pressed into the material. No Lexus UX can be ordered with leather upholstery. Front passengers get 8-way power front seats on all models. Apple CarPlay comes standard, but Android Auto is still in development. The 2019 UX will be available as part of a subscription model, in addition to as a conventional purchase or lease. It spends its engineering might on the car’s powertrains, with a gas-mileage payoff in mind. The 2019 Lexus UX is the automaker's first foray into the smallest niche of crossover SUVs, and it's a bit tardy. Click here to upgrade your current browser or, to install a new one, select a link below. Voice commands work, but they work better through the standard CarPlay override setup. To ensure your experience on lexus.com is as exceptional as our vehicles, we no longer support safari® 8 and older. (Read more about how we rate cars.). Ez magában foglalja a tartalom és a hirdetések személyre szabását. Emellett szélesebbre vettük a milliméteres hullámhosszú radar látószögét, így a berendezés nappal a kerékpárosokat is képes azonosítani. The cabin’s offset dash and color choices step smartly into a fashion-forward arena, but it’s a bit cluttered. Maradjon mindig kapcsolatban autójával a Lexus Link alkalmazás segítségével, és ismerje meg mindig rendelkezésre álló szolgáltatásainkat, amelyek révén nyugodtan, pénzt és időt megtakarítva használhatja járművét. Base audio comes in the form of a 6-speaker system with Bluetooth streaming and USB ports for front and rear passengers. Lexus equips the UX crossovers with a slew of safety gear, much of which is extra-cost on its rivals. Fuel economy’s the focus, not performance, but the UX has a little more than adequate acceleration. A decently roomy center console splits the front seats. Please try again in a minute by refreshing your browser. It gets there, and pulls off a nice party trick: The 2019 UX rides well. The $33,025 Lexus UX200 has front-wheel drive, and the $35,025 Lexus UX250h has all-wheel drive. Fedezze fel a belső tér exkluzivitását és tökéletességét. CRAFTED FOR THE MODERN FRONTIER. Both run on regular unleaded; the 250h hybrid shuts off its electric add-on power above 44 mph, as doing so actually saves fuel. Imagine holding your phone inside your pocket and writing a text message to get instructions to get to the coffee shop. The EPA rates the 2019 UX200 at 29 mpg city, 37 highway, 33 combined. A panoráma monitor négy videókamerából beérkező képet dolgoz fel. We give the UX a 5 for performance, right at the average. The Lexus UX is a small SUV with stylish looks and a premium badge – it’s available with both petrol-electric hybrid and full electric powertrains. A rendszer összes elektromos részegységének ideális kialakítása révén a teljes harmonikus torzítás (THD, a jeltorzítás mérőszáma) csupán 0,1 százalék, vagy még annál is kevesebb. It’s a fairly entertaining piece in urban environments, with good, even-tempered steering feel. Hybrid's excellent predicted fuel economy. ÁLLÍTSA ÖSSZE SAJÁT UX 250h 2WD MODELLJÉT! Today’s Lexus cars and crossovers brandish huge hourglass grilles, creases, and slits by the bucketful. Lexus UX achieves 5* Euro NCAP rating for safer cars test 2019. The Lexus UX is small for a crossover—but it’s a couple of inches longer than the X1 and GLA, and that bulk translates into a better packages for passengers. Az akkumulátor minden, autózással töltött percben töltődik. ©2006-2020 Lexus, a Division of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. All information contained herein applies to U.S. vehicles only. © 2020 The Car Connection. Mindezt még magasabb szintre emelik a tömegcsökkentést szolgáló megoldások, például az alumínium ajtók, sárvédők és motorháztető, vagy éppen a műanyagból készült csomagtérajtó. Tökéletesen otthon érezheti magát a tágasság- és biztonságérzetet kínáló, vezetőközpontú luxuskörnyezetben. Lexus does point out that these systems can be turned off, and that they’re only available on navigation-equipped UX crossovers. Just tell your passenger, “It’s the Lexus that hugs.”. The 2019 Lexus UX is the automaker's first foray into the smallest niche of crossover SUVs, and it's a bit tardy. The UX shares its platform with the Toyota C-HR, although the luxury brand's model is a couple of inches longer overall. Az új Lexus UX crossover maximális, 5 csillagos besorolást kapott a járművek biztonságát vizsgáló 2019-es Euro NCAP teszten. Lexus UX SUV (2019 - ) review; Cars Reviews & More Review Lexus UX SUV (2019 - ) review. We give the 2019 UX200 and UX250h a rating of 5.8 out of 10. The system can also work with the built-in navigation to predict hills and traffic to activate regenerative braking earlier and more aggressively. Its LED light bar runs the width of the tailgate and culminates in either end with delicate fins not entirely reminiscent of 1950s Detroit iron (thankfully). All Rights Reserved. The UX comes in two configurations. (Read more about how we rate cars.). We’d prefer more of the other appeals to the senses: the UX wears a washi-textured material on the dash of all models save for those with a gray interior, and it’s a subtle touch of waxed-cloth feel that wakes up the dash. Lexus pegs its 0-60 mph times at 8.6 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 110 mph. Each version comes in three trim levels: Premium, Luxury, and F Sport. Hitelbiztosítéki nyilvántartásba történő bejegyzés ügyfél által, az első fizetési ütem időpontjában fizetendő összege: 7.000 Ft. A teljes hiteldíj mutató meghatározása az aktuális feltételek, illetve hatályos jogszabályok figyelembevételével történt. Az alacsony tömegközéppont és az erős padlólemez a kategóriában kiemelkedően precíz vezethetőséget kínál. 6:64. Nem csak menet közben, hanem megálláskor vagy lassításkor is, hiszen a regeneratív fékezési rendszer ilyenkor még több energiát tud visszanyerni. It’s worth a 6 on our scale, with good front seats and average accommodations in other respects. A lehető legjobb élmény érdekében engedélyezze a mozgáshoz és az orientációhoz való hozzáférést.

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