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But he thinks, “Oh, everyone should be having this hard time, you just need me to help you out.” Where it’s like, “No, no, I don’t need you.” But then there’s like that whole thing where, yeah, you do. Nicki Minaj45. Richter fuse paranoia, eroticism, and flippancy to arrive at their own distinctly flakey yet intense genre-movie style. Our conversation covered the response to Cameraperson, how her teaching practice at NYU informs her work, as well as how she thinks the omnipresence of cameras is adjusting our relationship to the concept of memory. “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” – Fall Out Boy107. I think that’s who I am is someone who just moves about that way. “Carmina Burana: I. O Fortuna” – Carl Orff139. It developed alongside the emergence of nightclubs, festivals, and raves. “I Think We’re Alone Now” – Tiffany84. “Candide: Overture” – Leonard Bernstein131. And there’s only about a line and a half’s worth of lyrics holding the song together, but the way they hold back devilishly on “Gonna get h-i-i-i-i-i-g-h” before reverting into Sly and the Family Stone/Sunday school mode with the suffix “-er” is playfully naughty. “Bet you won’t click on this link and then email me,” read the tweet from college student Cooper Raiff to indie film maven Jay Duplass that began the journey of Shithouse. Upside Down –•– Diana Ross 34. Like, a couple months after SXSW when more people started watching it. In response, Anno crafted this theatrical alternate ending, in which he brutally and unsparingly gave fans all the nihilistic chaos they could ever want. Are other below-the-line artisans starting to see their own auteurist stamp in their collaborations? If there’s one regret here it’s that Crawford’s ego supposedly botched the ending, which now has her sobbing on a porch in the fashion of a woman’s issue movie from the ‘40s. Usually clocking in between 30 minutes and an hour, albums make particularly great running material, allowing your jaunt a reasonable stopping point (unless you’re a marathon runner, in which case we’ll point you to something by Kamasi Washington). Few if any Hollywood-adjacent filmmakers have put as much brain power into making the digital revolution work for them as Soderbergh has, and even Unsane’s most ridiculous moments coast on the sheer energy of aesthetic gamesmanship. While that formula would meet with mixed success on the subsequent Adore, “Eye” remains a sublime slice of electro-goth, pairing Corgan’s understated performance with a litany of chilling instrumentation—not to mention the wonderful angularity of that crisp drumline. 65. And the carnage, when it arrives, is staged with an aura of guttural bitterness that refuses to give gore-hounds their jollies, elaborating, instead, on the desolation of the characters committing the acts. Crawford’s refusal to face facts from beginning to end makes her a quintessentially American icon. Given its twilit suburban adventures and encroaching security forces, the story exudes a superficially classical sensibility, recalling Starman and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Nichols has an easy mastery of pacing and tension, employing a churning sound design (and a pulsing score by David Wingo) that allows moments of occasionally bloody action to arrive with a frightening blast or a deep, quaking rumble of bass, and the film moves with purpose to its final destination. We just brought the elements together because I wanted it to function like a documentary shoot where it would come together in unexpected ways. “William Tell Overture: Finale” – Gioachino Rossini145. How can we play with what’s palpable and what’s known, and engage it with what’s not yet known? TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) –•– MSFB & The Three Degrees, so I don’t like most of Nicki Minaj’s music just because half the time I don’t understand a word she’s saying. “Yes I’m Changing” tethers that idea to the album’s core as it beckons you to get outside and run a little faster: “There’s a world out there and it’s calling my name/ And it’s calling yours too.” Then, try your best to sit still during “The Less I Know The Better,” arguably one of the most entertaining marriages of electric guitar and synth this decade. My work always starts with a series of questions, and the answers come out of conversations that are happening with people in my community are what inform a lot of the aesthetic choices. I know you do as a journalist, and everybody who makes a film—it takes more effort than we think it will. Armed with a mosaic sound that includes hat-tips to glam rock, art nouveau, psychedelia, goth, vaudeville, new wave, and Victorian romanticism, the Pumpkins have transcended any one moment or movement, instead reveling in the entire tessellation of 20th-century art. It felt special in the way that I wanted it to feel special. Here, though, it’s not the difficult rift between adolescence and adulthood that her characters must reconcile, but a more expansive one between two cultures whose hang-ups are encoded in their respective pop landscapes. How are you feeling about it?” I was trying to engage her with this discussion about her wondering about dying. But I knew that I would love it. [There’s] an exercise we discovered at NYU which was pretty amazing. This is quite an extensive playlist – thanks. © IFC Films, As someone who’s not all that different from Alex, I didn’t feel like I had to travel far. There are other projects that I’m working on or thinking about where I’m coming at it actually from a larger scale first. I’m not even saying entertaining, because I want everything to be entertaining, but I wanted to communicate something while being as watchable and entertaining as possible. Chuck Bowen, When Wilhelm Reich developed the concept of “sex economy” in 1931, he had in mind something like the way societal expectations or advertising may compel someone toward compulsory masturbation.

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