bmw e30 electric conversion kit

Our E30 Quick Ratio Steering Kit is a popular upgrade among BMW enthusiasts. [See Full Description Below], This kit contains all necessary parts to convert an E36 3 series automatic to a manual (differential not included). Despite having never worked on a project of this sort before, progress was swift—almost too swift, worrying Volk some. Zionsville, IN 46077. Volk hasn't just built this car for static, showy displays of horsepower, though—he hopes the car will handle as well as it accelerates and plans to take the car out to the famous Lime Rock track for some lapping. Required to align the shifter arm when using the GS6-37BZ transmission. ", "It turns out the inverter had a blown piece of hardware. Required to mate the GS6-37BZ transmission with the E36 differential. MTLJack 215,850 views. December through April for the most part. There is less wiring than a typical ICE standalone EFI install. General Motors Confirms Plans for Electric Pickup Truck to Rival Ford, Rivian, Tesla. The booster is required to retrofit an E36 twin cam engine in the earlier E30 chassis. We recently caught up with Jon Volk or better known as “tesla_bimmer” from Instagram to chat about his converted E30 BMW. So realistically maybe 50-60 miles. This meant learning CAD (Computer Aided Design) to craft mounts for every new component. How much power the car makes isn't certain, as Volk says he hasn't gotten the car on a dynamometer yet, though 380 horsepower is considered feasible, as it's the Tesla motor's factory power rating. The build overall was really quite easy. The hood is going back on, and I still need to paint the hinges and extract a broken bolt from it first," he said. 1968 All-Electric Mustang Fastback ... Top 10 BMW E30 Most Impressive Swaps - Duration: 9:03. The original drive was sourced through an eBay seller. Appreciate you reading, liking and sharing this article. "Well, they certainly did when I tried powering the motor for the first time, and nothing happened at full voltage. [See Full Description Below], Our 6 speed manual gearbox for '92-99 BMW 6 cylinder E36 cars has been a success in the field for years. [See Full Description Below], Our 6 speed manual gearbox for '92-99 BMW 6 cylinder E36 cars has been a success in the field for years. Particularly for never messing with this stuff before. The Volt batteries also offered the best value of price vs continuous power discharge. Custom shift arm support bracket for the BMW E36 6 Speed Conversion Kit. I have been messing around with cars since I got my license. This was my first time using 3D modeling and it saved a bunch of fabrication time as much of the design work was from the couch. Homebuilt Electric E30 BMW 3 Series with a Tesla-GM Powertrain Is the Future of Hot Rods ... as there's no off-the-shelf battery conversion kit for 80's BMWs. Is there a future for our beloved classic cars on a potential post-petroleum planet? I have been messing around with cars since I got my license. With the power source and charging mechanisms sorted, Volk could move on to how to get the power from the rear axle-mounted Tesla motor to the wheels themselves. I would like to try a super light tube frame like the Ariel Atom. My first motor had a bad inverter. "I previously had an LS swap in the car, but decided I wanted to try something different and learn the technology up front rather than playing catch up in a few years," Volk told The Drive. Our pilot bearing carrier allows for the use of 5 speed flywheels with our E36 6 Speed conversion. All you need to visually transform your donor E30 into M3 car. Quality is outstanding, all parts are 100% copies of original M3 panels. Eddy Motorworks does electric conversions to classic cars using Tesla parts. BMW E30 M3 Replica Conversion Kit. Still need to do some further testing for 0-60 and ¼ mile but weight is 2,980lbs. The E30 had been prepared and used for drifting before Mate bought it in 2007, and he later modified it further by fitting a tweaked M20B25 from an E32, but other than that it was a totally unexceptional E30 before the electric tuning extravaganza began. Just don’t become part of the High Volt circuit and die while you’re in there . It was my daily driver for 6 years and was recently retired from daily duty so the timing was right. Zionsville Autosport The BMW E30 Quick Ratio Steering Conversion Kit contains all the necessary components to install a quicker ratio E36 3 or Z series in the E30 chassis. Please tell us a little about yourself, your background and how you got interested in EV conversions. Electric Hatchback Will be More Expensive Than Anticipated, Sell at a Loss: Report. Significant rear weight distribution, Volk says, should keep the car stable under regenerative braking, as well as normal braking, the brakes now being manual, without a source of vacuum to drive a brake booster. 10805 Andrade Drive, Unit A Built with a 300hp Nissan Leaf based setup, maybe 2 motors. Then I got into fabrication pretty quickly since it was the most affordable way to build a car on my own. Cramming a Tesla motor into the E30 was tricky enough, much less linking them to GM batteries through third-party controllers and inverters. "Once upon a time they said fuel injection was overly complicated and would never catch on.". We are now making essential pieces available in a kit.

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