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“If I read the statement in person, that will take over the Ivanka thing.”. Ginsburg, a member of the Supreme Court’s liberal wing, died on Sept. 18 at the age of 87. As illustrated by the masculinity-oozing boat parade, the Trump Party is largely a party of men — especially White men without college degrees and especially those over the age of 40. But now, less than two months from Election Day, McConnell is saying that rule doesn’t apply this year because both the White House and Senate are controlled by the same party, drawing backlash from Democrats and President Obama. “Nichols granted the injunction for the piece of the ban that was set to go into effect Sunday night, but denied a motion to halt a second aspect of the ban that doesn’t go into effect until Nov. 12.”, “Parscale, who ran Trump’s campaign until July, was taken willingly to the hospital by police under a Florida law that allows authorities to detain a person they think poses a danger to themselves,” Josh Dawsey reports. “‘Officers made contact with the male, developed a rapport, and safely negotiated for him to exit the home,’ Sgt. At least 204,000 people have died of covid-19 in the U.S. since February.”, Already facing its worst crisis since 9/11, the airline industry is set to cut more than 35,000 jobs this week. The Trump Organization also deducted as a business expense more than $70,000 to style Donald Trump’s hair when he was hosting “The Apprentice” and nearly $100,000 that was paid to a favorite hair and makeup artist of Ivanka Trump. But tax records show regular deductions for consulting fees over seven years totaling $2 million. At least 204,000 people have died of covid-19 in the U.S. since February.”, “That’s more than two weeks earlier than the system, the fourth-largest in the country, had decided to do after a marathon 29-hour meeting last week,” Valerie Strauss reports. “The Blackstone program is run by Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal advocacy group whose founding leader has questioned the ‘so-called separation of church and state’ as it is often understood. “The Europeans have tended to see Washington’s hard line position as harsh and ineffective. “Their connection with Trump is cultural and emotional as much as political, closely intertwined with their lives and identities. Trump reiterated Sunday on Twitter he … The state's decision to conceal vital public health information means parents and teachers can only gauge the risk they face if their local school system decides to publish its own data. Even as the illness spiked, these families fought to find a way to mourn together.”, Robert Redfield “suggested in a conversation with a colleague Friday that Scott Atlas is arming Trump with misleading data about a range of issues, including questioning the efficacy of masks, whether young people are susceptible to the virus and the potential benefits of herd immunity,” NBC News reports. ... Website 538 rates the pollster, FM3 research as B/C. Take a look inside $17 million palace, Donald Trump’s dance moves to ‘Y.M.C.A.’ at rallies spark a hilarious TikTok trend, Republicans and those leaning toward Republicans: 66%, Democrats and those leaning Democrats: 47%. In order to do this, they’d have to pass an act through Congress. Supreme Court rules against contraceptive mandate in Hobby Lobby case, A majority of Americans oppose restrictions on contraception insurance coverage, says poll, Supreme Court rules against President Obama on NLRB recess appointments. mission had arrived in Caracas as part of an effort by the bloc’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, to secure ‘minimum democratic conditions’ for upcoming legislative elections.”. A weekly update on music, movies, cultural trends, and education solutions. Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday finds that 79% of … … U.S. District Judge Carl J. Nichols, who was appointed to the bench by Trump in 2019, was not expected to make public his full ruling until Monday. After he won, he and his aides said that his victory showed that voters did not care about him concealing his taxes. It was the same in 2018. If Democrats retain control of the House, they could opt against seating potential members whose elections remain contested, even if state officials say otherwise.”, After the president challenged Biden to take a drug test before Tuesday's debate, his spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield replied: “If the president thinks his best case is made in urine he can have at it. Redfield acknowledged after the flight from Atlanta to Washington, D.C., that he was speaking about Atlas, a neuroradiologist with no background in infectious diseases or public health. Trump dismissed the Times story as “fake news” during a news conference on Sunday. This new crisis could leave tens of millions of people without their job-based insurance by the end of the year, Someone tested positive after attending Trump's Sept. 10 rally in Freeland, Mich. (, Military suicides are up as much as 20 percent. How much do you know about the US Constitution? But Trump’s gambit worked to deflect attention from his daughter. Here’s why, Remains found in search for 1921 Tulsa race massacre victims, Gay marriage support rises to new high in poll — with half of Republicans now in favor, Century-old castle secluded in Colorado for sale. Only 30 percent of Americans have a 'great deal' or 'quite a lot' of confidence in the Supreme Court, according to Gallup. “Blue-collar men such as [Shaun] Bickley, [Jeff] Karr and their buddies on the barge are the core of Trump’s base of support, and their enthusiasm for the president has only deepened since they first voted for him, even as Trump has driven away some voters, especially college graduates and women. The Pew survey conducted this April showed bipartisan favorability for the Supreme Court, with 63 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of Republicans expressing a “very” or “mostly favorable” view of the court. A majority of Americans said the Supreme Court was “middle of the road” instead of conservative or liberal before the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (, Georgia health officials are withholding information about infections at schools, saying the public has no legal right to information about outbreaks. It was founded to show students ‘how God can use them as judges, law professors and practicing attorneys to help keep the door open for the spread of the Gospel in America,’” Emma Brown and Jon Swaine report. Ultimately, according to Gates, it was the then-34-year-old Ivanka who explained to her father the reasons why it was not a good idea. “In Turkey, a person directly involved in developing two Trump towers in Istanbul expressed bafflement when asked about consultants on the project, telling The Times there was never any consultant or other third party in Turkey paid by the Trump Organization. Republicans are eyeing Oct. 12 as the first day of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Barrett’s nomination.

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