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It took until the 1930s before we could actually see a virus under the electron microscope. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Explores How The World Sees America in new Primetime Special. Striking a wondrous balance between efficiency, market economics and equality, those great Danes embody an inspiring model; alas, it is hard to transfer. But it’s given us a chance to remake the future. You won't have an economy that is going to function in any kind of meaningful sense. ]. Beyond your small-town D.M.V., the United States seems to enjoy neither. But in the developed world, urbanization has probably peaked. That newspaper was once a cheerleader of global capitalism. So, what are the lessons? They learn from their mistakes. So, what is good governance? And they have allowed people to live healthier lives. The ur-model of the strong state is France. Wisely, he stays away from the daily battles over masks and lockdowns. Within cities, some of the densest neighborhoods were the least infected -- in New York, suburban Staten Island suffered more than super-dense Manhattan. Relationships with allies are strained. I thought Trump was winning the debate. TEN LESSONS FOR A POST-PANDEMIC WORLDBy Fareed Zakaria. Humans create cities and cities make humans -- these are two sides of the same coin. Work shifted to laptops and Zoom, as the energy of cities was replaced by an eerie quiet, leading many to ask: For centuries, denizens of cities have always abandoned their homes in times of trouble, but they always return. It may creep up to 89% by 2050, but the share seems to be approaching a natural limit. ... What happens with Reagan is you begin this assault on government. Fareed Zakaria Looks at Life After the Pandemic. What happened in more recent years ... is that ever since Ronald Reagan, you have had this deliberate attack on the federal government as corrupt, inefficient, dysfunctional, when it really wasn't. Gregory Shamus/Getty Images Not only has science learned a few things. There is no question that China handled it very well overall. American exceptionalism has become a hazard to our health, Prepare for election month, not election night, America’s excessive reliance on sanctions will come back to haunt it, Biden understands what Twitter doesn’t: Democrats need a big tent, When it comes to the Internet, Trump prefers the Chinese model, The covid-19 crisis exposes the limits of a reality-TV presidency, Trump is setting us up for an Election Day nightmare, Biden finds a better way to do ‘America First’. Taxation, a tool of redistribution, will rise along with border walls. Nor does he spare his own liberal class, the “meritocracy” of the best educated and better off, which he fingers ever so gently as deepening the divide between urban and rural, elites and “deplorables.” He might have said a bit more about the uses and abuses of cultural hegemony that have driven hoi polloi into the arms of Donald Trump and triggered defections from the democratic left in Europe. Maybe its people should occupy America for a couple of generations to reform 330 million über-diverse citizens. Wisely, he stays away from the daily battles over masks and lockdowns. Newborns in Chicago's majority-White, upscale Streeterville neighborhood. But consider other dictatorships: Russia, Venezuela, Iran — they've all done terribly at it. Yet federal Germany, with its ancient history of decentralization, is also a hodgepodge and still shines forth. Insights, analysis and must reads from Fareed and the Global Public Square team. Fareed Zakaria available NoW . [1] Em Portugal, o programa também pode ser visto no canal RTP3 hide caption. In his new book, Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World, Zakaria looks ahead to the ways that COVID-19 might fundamentally change our relationships to work, technology and government. It has transformed global cities, emptying normally bustling streets and haunting formerly crowded subways. A stubborn economic crisis has taken root. And they immediately asked themselves, what can we do better? Fareed Zakaria's previous books include The Post American World. [ This book was one of our most anticipated titles of October. The United States is so-so, near the bottom of the Top 10 in deaths per million. On the pandemic's effect on global inequality. An efficient bureaucracy like Prussia’s, infused with the spirit of freedom rooted in the American Creed? A volunteer loads food into a cart at a mobile pantry in Detroit in April 2020. And yet, nor is it guaranteed that we will make the right choices. ", Zakaria is hopeful for the future: "We can't forget that human beings have choice. As John Ibbitson and Darrell Bricker explain in their study of global demography, "As a society urbanizes, and women gain more power, the ties of kin, the power of organized religion, and the dominance of men decline, along with the fertility rate." Social Security is superb, Veterans Affairs a disaster. They mishandled it at the start, that mishandling had something to do with the secretive and repressive nature of the Chinese system. The moves have proved so popular that in some European cities these zones reclaimed by pedestrians may remain car-free after the virus recedes. We don't recognize this because the number is obscured because Social Security, Medicare and the Defense Department have all gone up so much. And it's true that there will be some significant changes in the nature of work and the old requirement that people be at the office week in and week out. We should adopt the best practices of northern Europe, Zakaria counsels. Fareed Zakaria’s international bestseller The Post-American World (2008) pointed to the “rise of the rest”—the growth of countries like China, India, and Brazil—as the story of our time, the story that will undoubtedly shape the future of global power. Since its publication, the trends he identified have proceeded faster than anyone could have anticipated. The United Nations estimates that 59% of the world's cities with a population of at least half a million are at high risk from natural disasters -- from cyclones to floods, droughts, earthquakes, landslides, or volcanic eruptions.

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