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Dongfeng EQ2050 (označenie v PLA Mengshi, firemné označenie Dongfeng Armour, alebo Dongfeng Hanma) je ľahké nákladné vozidlo s nosnosťou 1,5 tony s pohonom 4x4. The Mengshi (also called Dongfeng EQ2050/2058, Dongfeng Hanma, Dongfeng Humvee, Dongfeng Hummer) is a range of Humvee-inspired vehicles built by Dongfeng Motor (DFM) mainly for the Chinese military. [2] The vehicle became the preferred candidate in 2004 with 57 vehicles sent to the PLA for trials from 2004 to 2006. [2] A civilian version of the EQ2050 is being made by DFM, which will use petrol engines instead of diesel engines. Neváhejte a zapojte se do tvorby valka.cz v duchu hesla Čtenáři sobě :). EQ2050 počas skúšok (zdroj: sinodefence.com), Pro možnost odpovídání na příspěvky a zakládání nových témat je třeba se. [2][4][19] The missile system, mounted on an SAC SFQ2040, is similar to the U.S. Army HMMWV-mounted Avenger air defense system. [1], The EQ2050 is based on an imported AM General Hummer H1 chassis. [29] Mass production started in early 2012. Přihlašte se a odešlete příspěvek znovu. Read More. With a reliable powertrain, wide power range, various driving configurations, a solid and reliable chassis, the Dongfeng KL brings together trust, Read More. While the EQ2050 was adopted by the PLA, it was also adopted by People's Armed Police Fire Fighting brigades[11] and by Chinese Public Security Police forces. [25] Trials are being conducted by the PLA in remote areas such as Tibet,[5] followed by tests in the deserts of Dubai. One of these, the Dongfeng "Hanma" rely on imported U.S. made parts including Hummer H1 chassis and GM V8 6.5L diesel engine.s Currently, these companies have the capability of making indigenous parts for these Humvee-like vehicles. There are at least three Chinese automobile manufacturers building Humvee near-copies. Trucks. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the sole importer and distributor of Dongfeng heavy commercial and industrial vehicles with over 10 years experience providing solutions to the transport industry. Rozpočet valka.cz 2020 : 85.000,- Kč Příjmy doposud : 46.948,- Kč, Server valka.cz / armedconflicts.com neustále hledá nové kolegy, kteří jsou ochotni pomoci s rozvojem a doplňováním obsahu, koordinací a kontrolou práce, moderováním příspěvků a další činností. [21] Both vehicles have limited armor protection against small caliber weapons. [3] Later in 2003, the EQ2050 made its debut in a car show after a prototype was made in 2002. During the 1988 Beijing Defence Exhibition, AM General presented a M998 4x4 to the People's Liberation Army. An airborne assault vehicle known as the CSK002 Airbone Assault Vehicle is equipped with smoke grenade dischargers, a machine gun on top and an AGL on the front passenger seat. - Problém pirátství u Somálska. The Official Dongfeng Motor Site will keep global synchronization. Dongfeng KL. [4] EQ2050s were then delivered to PLA special forces unit in the Guangzhou Military Region. [17], It was previously licensed to DRB-HICOM to be marketed to countries that wish to buy it in a RHD configuration.

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