hip to be square video with 49ers

You can use both photos and clips in your Facebook square video. Thank you! “Contact center managers are always looking for ways to engage the expertise within the enterprise to help agents increase first-call resolution and Project Squared is a great option to help. On the phone he’d say ‘My pal, my pal.’”. If you’re a Facebook video creator, you need to get up to speed on square videos. I think Project Squared, when used appropriately, solves a huge business problem and beyond that, will certainly have a place in the contact center. The image issue became a problem, however, as the band was seen as conservative icons, especially after stirring performances of ", Members of the San Francisco 49ers football team, including Dwight Clark, Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott, sang the part near the end after Lewis says, "Tell 'em boys." Kurtenbach: More key injuries for 49ers — bad luck, bad management or something else? Unlike the pens in a pocket protector, mobile devices have the potential to be incredibly helpful or horribly intrusive. Rather than an example of getting work done, the commenter wrote that it was an example of how work today has become a 24-hour priority and dominates other aspects of life such as vacations, sick days, family time after work, etc. Lewis became good friends with several 49ers during the 1980s, and it didn’t just end with Lewis showing up at games. He is a South Bay native and graduate of San Francisco State University. Also, given the subject matter, adding in Twitter quotes and celebrity hot takes was a smart move. A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs, Lewis wrote this song with his drummer Bill Gibson and his keyboard player Sean Hopper. Lewis won’t be a part of the entertainment at the Super Bowl LIV, though maybe he can apply for a credential as a photographer. Fast forward nearly 30 years and being square no longer means haircuts and business suits. The information has been submitted successfully. The “Niner Gang” video was shot in November and combines footage of E-40 performing at the stadium with historic footage of the 49ers legends mentioned in the song. Use the hashtag #FTTB with your best reactions to the game, gameday messages or photos in your 49ers gear for a chance to be featured on the Levi's® Stadium video boards and 49ers.com. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Without it, the video may have become too text heavy and hard to keep up with, which is why the styling of this video is so great. This was true for both Facebbok and Twitter.  All Rights Reserved. ‘Mr. Huey Lewis and the News perform in the music video for "Hip to Be Square" from the album "Fore!" Following a couple of album releases that went largely unnoticed, the band released their third album, called “Sports,” in 1983. This can be when I get into the office in the morning or when I am returning from vacation. Fittingly, that album comes out in February, soon after the 49ers and Chiefs meet in the Super Bowl. A common refrain is that athletes want to be rock stars, and rock stars want to be athletes. “But he’s paying me 15 grand to live at 101 Lombard. The band didn't put too much thought into their album titles. With Mario Cipollina, Johnny Colla, Bill Gibson, Chris Hayes. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Huey Lewis & the News are from San Francisco and were friends with the football players. The result of observing this transformation was the release of a song in 1986 called “Hip to be Square.” With 49ers players such as Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott providing backup vocals on the recording, Huey Lewis sang about how his life was changing—how he had to settle down, cut his hair, work out, watch what he ate, and wear a business suit. But you aren’t limited to just filming square videos. CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. I’m single, and the place had three levels. Some of the lyrics are about being born. Chiefs-49ers is really the Huey Lewis Super Bowl. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Huey (real name) was a harmonica player, like yours truly, and built a band around his harp chops and vocals. And that’s exactly what AACSB International accomplished in this video. In essence, it creates a virtual “room” where team members can get together to discuss a specific topic, similar to a team meeting that might take place in an office building. Plus, because the photos are slowly being zoomed in, they flow well with the rest of the featured clips. He stated his belief that technology is solving and creating collaboration problems at roughly the same speed. And while they overlay text on top of high quality clips for half the video, they keep the focus on key points by combining certain information with pictures instead. “He felt the same way, and would call me his pal. Policy, you’ve got Huey Lewis on the field again.’ I said, ‘Yeah, but Huey’s working today.’ ‘What do you mean he’s working?’ ‘He’s a photographer, check his credential, he’s shooting for the team and the local media. First of all, Facebook square video is an engagement goldmine. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Voting across the US live updates: Florida residents get email threats; COVID-19 patients can vote curbside in Mississippi, Amazon Prime members can now get free 1-hour grocery pickup at all 487 Whole Foods stores in the US. Lewis, it seems, liked to hang around on the field after the anthem, and stay there to watch the game. If you listen to the record today, the very last ‘Hip to be square’ is Dwight on there.”. The Niners also teamed up with country duo Haley & Michaels on the “Hail Mary” video earlier in the year. In the contact center today, it’s still hip to be squared. The answer to that question comes from Tod Famous, Director of Product Management for Cisco Customer Collaboration Solutions. Cooke hasn't shot anything since the camp, except with his camera - he became a freelance photographer for National Geographic. Join 15K+ subscribers reading our emails every week! Jim Harrington is the pop music critic for the Bay Area News Group. Not only did it add greater depth to the discussion but it was also highly entertaining. Quotes are great for branded content because they bring in industry experts and trendsetters who are then aligned with your brand in the minds of your audience. How the American gangsta rappers made history by getting banned in the UK. Coincidentally, this was about the same time that the San Francisco 49ers were starting their 1980s Super Bowl domination run following their 1981 win. Horrible news for the 49ers. They were the backup band for Elvis Costello when he cut his first album, “My Aim Is True,” and Huey did some harp work for Irish band Thin Lizzy. Brenda talks about the inspiration that drove her to write hit songs like "Get Here" and "Piano in the Dark," and why a lack of formal music training can be a songwriter's best asset. It’s my choice when I enter a Project Squared room.”, Given the intended use of Project Squared in the enterprise, what potential roles would it have in the contact center? Not only is it the best possible Facebook video format, it’s also really easy to make, even if your existing footage or content isn’t already optimized for it. Again, Cisco’s Tod Famous had the answer. This website is built using latest technologies. An unfortunate Spandex period? Because they’re text only (like most school books and other traditional education tools we’ve all grown accustomed to), the information is easier to digest, remember, and apply. "Genius of Love" was their blockbuster, but David Byrne only mentioned it once. An extended version of the “Niner Gang” video will be posted on E-40’s YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/user/E40TV. Miguel wrote "Adorn" about his girlfriend, model and artist Nazanin Mandi when he was returning home from a long trip and was anxious to see her. Clark, the All-Pro tight end, was close friends with Lewis, and their shared existence showed in recalling getting paid by a developer to live in a sweet house. Just take a look at this successful example from Schneider Truck Driving Jobs. From the LA Times: “He had done this in LA with movie stars or whatever,” Clark said. The longtime Eagle talks about soaring back to his solo career, and what he learned about songwriting in the group. "Sunday Girl" was written by Blondie guitarist Chris Stein to cheer up Debbie Harry after her cat had run away whilst they were away on tour. Their paths would cross at different civic functions and charity events. Project Squared is accessible from just about any device including iPhones, iPads, Android devices and web browsers. And as you can see from this video by Mashable, they kept the text interesting by using a quote box, italicized font, and contrasting movement to further engage viewers. I recently came across a post on Cisco’s blog in which the discussion revolved around the use of Cisco’s Project Squared. He started out working with a bunch of sidemen and together they ended up getting some pretty good gigs. There are worse things to do when workin’ for a livin’. He began writing about the Bay Area music scene in 1992 and became the full-time pop music critic for the organization's Oakland Tribune in 2006. "Tammy" by Debbie Reynolds was the only US #1 single by a female act between July 1956 and February 1958. The term originated in African American slang and has been current from the 1940s. Get our newsletter with the latest articles, insights, and inspiration from Pipeline. WebRTC Testing for Today’s Contact Centers, Collaboration: Distinguishing the Buzz from the Buzzword, How to Retain and Engage Your Best Agents. How that musical connection happened was explained in a Q&A by Lewis in 2013: We first met them at the Bay Area Music Awards and they jokingly suggested that they sing on our record, and that in return, I could take a few “snaps” … never got my snaps! After all, he has experience. See if you can spot the true stories in this Metallica version of Fact or Fiction. They have a lot in common — performing before large crowds, lots of travel, celebrity status — and can relate to each other well. The band had five straight gold records, including three that went platinum. When Jonathan posted about his experience of seeing a work conversation ongoing after work hours and deciding to jump in, citing this as a great example of how work is getting done today, a reader took exception to his sentiment. On the, This song plays a role in the book and movie, So how did the word "square" come to be a term for somebody not in with current trend or fashions?

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