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You, too, can lend your voice—no matter what it sounds like—to one of Petty’s most beloved latter day hits by cueing up “Last Dance With Mary Jane.” There’s no shortage of harmonica and guitar solos throughout the tune, but you can use the downtime to ponder whether this is an ode to weed or a tragic love song.—Zach Long, Like the Nostrodamus of butts, Sir Mix-a-Lot foresaw a future in which we’d all be as obsessed with ass as he is. Forget saccharine love ballads or weighty protest songs, here’s a psychedelic blues-folk short story about an astronaut getting lost in space, released nine days before Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, and sung by a red-coiffed waif who might have been born there. Before you break into one of her most memorable tracks, you’ll probably want to wait until everyone at the bar is at least a couple drinks in, just to ensure that everyone is movin’ their hips and shakin’ their heads (like, yeah) when you all start belting out the chorus.—Zach Long, You want to sing some Michael Jackson, of course, but which Michael Jackson? is a perfect choice for when you’re whiskey-deep enough to attempt her otherworldly dance moves that elevated the song to an international phenomenon. —Gabrielle Bruney, Whitney's 1987 smash remains an invigorating blast of lovelorn pop glory, her powerful, agile voice soaring effortlessly over spritely synths and funk-syncopated guitar. There’s no better time to launch into a rendition of Drake’s R&B anthem that gave way to millions of memes, especially if you’ve recently been jilted by a lover. So throw off your adult responsibilities, sag your cargo pants and belt out this promise that even if you get older, you don’t have to grow up until you’re good and ready.—Taya Kenny, Are you in your feelings right now? It’s been all downhill from there for No. You might need a couple ringers on stage to help with the Kate and Cindy parts of this 1989 chorus, but they'll never steal the spotlight from your sassy barking.—Brent DiCrescenzo, The simple chord progression and the restrained vocals in the beginning of Clarkson’s 2004 hit make for one of the greatest buildups to a powerhouse chorus is pop music. Sometimes, a cider drink. Couldn't think of a better karaoke endorsement than that.—Bryan Kerwin, There’s something about an Americana ode to blue-collar youth that makes for a surefire karaoke classic, and no one knows this better than the Boss. © 2020 Time Out America LLC and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc. This one is solidly in the center of the karaoke Venn diagram. The question is, do you have the pipes—or the chutzpah—to take it on? The barrier to entry is low on this one, making it one of your easiest and best options for some sophomoric fun. The garage jangle of "Last Night" is as tightly composed and designed as Giorgio Moroder disco but deceptively dressed as a loose garage ramble, over which Casablancas mumble-howls. Plus, there are so many different remixes of this track—featuring folks like Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug and members of South Korean boy band BTS—that you could probably sing multiple versions in a single night.—, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Philips Records, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Hi Records/Isento, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Def Jam/Columbia/David Gamboli, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Atlantic Records / Columbia Records / Screen Gems, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Vlattenham/Jet Records, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Dtobias/Tiffany, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/DatBot/Virgin Records, Creator: Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Sammimack/Philips Records/Universal Music Group, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/FuriousFreddy, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/MindsEyeTHPS/American Recordings/Universal Music Group, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Adabow/Columbia Records, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Live and Die 4 Hip Hop/Cold Chillin' Records, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/MatthewWaller, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Livelikemusic/Atlantic Records, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Theo's Little Bot/Capitol Records, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/PhilipTerryGraham/Columbia Records, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/David Pro/Columbia, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/DCEdwards1966/Interscope, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Anetode/Elektra, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Zrulli/Elektra Records, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Diannaa/Electrola/Universal Music Group, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/SnapSnap/Island Records/Universal Music Group, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Theo's Little Bot/Atlantic Records, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Anetode/Epic Records, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Nem18/Mercury Records, First time stepping up to the microphone? Here you can sing in a slightly breathy, near-ecstatic voice about how you’re “showing [them] the door.” Feel free to shake your hips and snap along as you revel in the joy of being single, after all you, like George Michael, have faith that this is the best pop song for the occasion.—Tolly Wright, Right off the bat, you get the chorus: "They tried to make me go to rehab!" Select this song for karaoke, and be prepared to go the distance with its delivery: not recommended for work parties.—Sophie Harris, On their album commentaries, the Beastie Boys love to tell tales of Biz Markie. To sell it, you’ll need to summon the gods of skyscraper-topping Motown vocals (the original was recorded at the famed label’s studio A) so why not take a tip from the pros. It's fantastic when pop songs do that, no dillydallying, no buildup. Youtube Thanks for subscribing! Yes, you’re welcome to acknowledge that Drizzy’s lyrics are more than a little problematic, but there’s no denying the hypnotic power of the track’s bouncy beat, even if you’re not standing in front of a James Turell-inspired light sculpture.—Zach Long, Okay, so this song made its name on its monster guitar riff. The slow-moving tune about the corrupting allure of power sports a recurring vocal melody that doesn’t require an professionally-trained voice—or a mullet and a single dangling earring.—, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Theo's Little Bot, Photograph: Courtesy Universal Music Group, Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikipedia/Daerl/OVO Sound, Are you in your feelings right now? No need to even bother reading the lyrics. Subscribe Here: https://goo.gl/7brdRa Their ditty sails easily over a sea of gleeful horns and doo-wop backing vocals, emphasizing CeeLo's quirky sense of humor and a clear, unabashed love of dropping those f-bombs. They racked up six number-one singles during their glory days, giving us a lot to choose from, but the insistent, bouncy groove, smooth-as-silk harmonies and indispensable hand claps make “Private Eyes” the clear favorite.—Bryan Kerwin, Nothing gets a room all worked up like Marvin Gaye's quintessential call to—and for—action. The slow-moving tune about the corrupting allure of power sports a recurring vocal melody that doesn’t require an professionally-trained voice—or a mullet and a single dangling earring.—Zach Long, In the past, Mick Jagger has referred to “Beast of Burden” as an “attitude song”—the lyrics don’t matter as much as the melody and the feeling of it. Of course, nobody's alone at karaoke. Sure, now it’s called Peter Pan Syndrome and is largely frowned upon, but for a while this way of being had not only a celebratory moment, but an even more celebratory anthem. That makes “Old Town Road” an ideal karaoke tune for capturing the attention of the crowd, especially if you take the stage in a cowboy hat and Wranglers. That air-shred, by the way, is not optional.—Andrew Frisicano, A viral TikTok hit that turned into an inescapable pop juggernaut, there aren’t many people who haven’t heard Lil Nas X’s infectious amalgamation of country tropes and hip-hop swagger. On a more basic level, it’s simply a great tune. Don’t be afraid to bust a few moves to this bouncy R&B anthem, and if you need a little inspiration, the track’s official music video is a great place to start.—Zach Long, For anybody who uses a karaoke night as an occasion to let off some steam, this song is ideal for embracing—and then promptly shaking off—a particularly bad day.

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