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The King’s is an industry leader in commercial cleaning processes for large, complex facilities. located in sermon archives, blogs). Copyright 1999-2020 Paul Cagle, The King's | All rights reserve.d | Website by, Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Technology Eradicates SARS-COV-2 On Surfaces, Intelligently Cleaning for Health as We Re-Open Schools and Public Facilities, Direct and Indirect Costs of Chronic Disease, The Science and Engineering Behind Cleaning for Health, Major University Improved Air Quality While Slashing Costs. Great question. Clearing is a time when getting the right information is important. For more detail, see our Score Definitions page. Kings Cleaning Service employs more than 35 years of cleaning experience, giving us the knowledge we need to tackle any job—be it residential or commercial in nature. Why? Becoming Verified Clear is the most tangible embodiment of our mission to “increase the standard of clarity throughout the church economy”. We celebrate our LGBTQIA+ family and say boldly ALL are welcomed, included and affirmed by this community of faith! We always respond by saying, “That’s good to know; please update your website so that this information is publicly available and also consider becoming Verified Clear; we’d love to update your score.” Or, “Please provide us with online evidence of what you’re talking about on the church or denomination website, and we’d love to update the score.”. Please note that we score Women in Leadership policy a bit differently than LGBTQ policy as we factor into account gender representation on leadership teams. Everything king’s college london do is geared to help you hit the ground running when you graduate. Search for courses or Unis here. Clearing at King’s. Houston TX 713 465-3500. Since our foundation in 1829, our students and staff have dedicated themselves in the service of society. Our culture and values expanded here: Learn more about Verified Clear. Sometimes this helps people find churches that are aligned with their values -- that’s great, but that is not our primary goal. © COPYRIGHT 2018-2019 Church Clarity. King's Land Clearing LLC is a Florida Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on November 3, 2006. What do you take or NOT take into account when scoring churches? stories, news, PDF’s) in church entries, even if it doesn’t affect the church’s score. The language in the policies is clear and contains all necessary information. (804) 529-7697 (800) 828-4398 If you're a pastor at a church, email us to receive the survey. Our goal is to motivate churches to become clear on their websites because that is presently the most visible advertisement to the public. So is Church Clarity kinda like Yelp for Churches. When your home or business has experienced water damage, mold, extreme carpet contamination or your upholstery needs a vital cleaning, be sure to call upon the experienced cleaning crews at Kings Cleaning Service in Village, VA. At Kings Cleaning Service, we’re highly adept at tackling the cleaning obstacles that leave many home or business owners scratching their heads and feeling overwhelmed. We factor representation into our scoring for Women in Leadership. King Land Clearing 502 S US Highway 1 Oak Hill, FL Land Clearing & Leveling - MapQuest. The King’s implements TKOS as a commercial cleaning service, deploying our people and supervision, for educational, religious, health care, commercial, office and data center facilities, as well as for construction and special events. If you applied for 2020 entry and have questions about your results or offer to study at King’s, please read the information below or contact admissions via King… Why? See this. It is also the only score that a church obtains by proactively self-disclosing its policies through our Verified Clear survey, which is sent to all churches that have been scored in our database. Feel free to email us with a story that you want to publish on our blog; we do not publish anonymous submissions. Why do we do this? Clear scores are given to churches whose policies can be easily found on their websites’ primary pages (e.g. Full details of all courses are available online. NO. Applications open in September for 2021 entry. We cannot score based on the “reality of what happens in their congregations,” but rather based on their online presence. Clearing can be stressful, but preparation is key to making it easier. Your information will be kept confidential and never shared. Call for details! We deliver TKOS as a consulting service, where clients retain the hiring and supervision of facility cleaning personnel, while we provide the process, leadership and training. If the senior minister is a woman, then that counts too. Our goal is to score churches for how clearly they communicate their actively enforced policies. Unclear scores are given to churches whose policies are difficult … What’s the difference between Clear and Unclear and Undisclosed? Learn more about Verified Clear Membership and why these churches are featured on our home page, A church receives a Verified Clear score when an authorized representative completes a standard policy survey that we send to every church that is submitted to our database. Toll Free: (800) 828-4398. We have everything you need to get prepared. We have an answer for that in our FAQ. Our scope of services includes these tough jobs and more: everything from simple carpet and upholstery cleaning, to heavy-duty restoration and service for sensitive materials. Clear scores are given to churches whose policies can be easily found on their websites’ primary pages (e.g. If you don’t have a place or are applying after 30 June 2020, you will need to apply through Clearing. What can I do? For additional questions email us. Take a look at our Scoring Definitions, to begin with, to understand the difference between Clear and Unclear websites. Representation is essential. Can women preach in the primary church service? Unclear scores are given to churches whose policies are difficult to find on their websites (e.g. Additionally, if it's hard to locate the leadership team on the website, then we will also score the church as Unclear. The second reason is that the church does affirm the full LGBTQ+ spectrum, but it is hard to locate the church's affirmation statement on the church's website. The language in the policies may also be unclear. The “Verified Clear” score is the highest and best score a church can receive. If that was so, then we would certainly enable people to post “personal reviews” of their experiences in churches, much in the way that Yelp does. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is L06000106824. Some people assume that our database exists to point LGBT people to LGBT-affirming churches, for instance, or to warn them about non-affirming churches. Village, VA 22570 What is the difference between Verified Clear and other scores? Whether you’re in search of professional cleaning and restoration for an area that has experienced severe water damage in Callao, VA, you can be sure that we’re ready to help. When it comes to water damage recovery, carpet cleaning, oriental rug care, furniture cleaning or air duct cleaning, make sure you’re choosing Kings Cleaning Service. The King’s Operation System (TKOS) for cleaning services actually enhances the investment value of facilities, while improving the environment and quality of life for employees, tenants and guests. King's College London, UOL Clearing. There is a short period of time during the year when you don’t have to run your AC or furnace and it is the PERFECT time to get your air ducts cleaned up! Because personnel is policy (H/T @BroderickGreer). Why do we strongly believe that policies should be on websites? Contact us today to schedule a Benchmark Measurement of your facility. There are typically two reasons. Sometimes, a deep cleaning is all your home or business needs to shine like new once again—other times, however, your cleaning and restoration needs may extend the scope of what’s possible with store-bought cleaners and everyday cleaning techniques. We sometimes get emails from pastors and congregants telling us that the score we’ve given to a church does not accurately reflect what happens in their church. If so, then the church will get a Clear: Egalitarian score. We bring to bear science and management process engineering upon traditional janitorial practices with revolutionary results. About, Beliefs). At Hollywood UMC, we believe that God is LOVE, that all people are welcome and equal in the family of God, and that God is for us, not against us. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you would like to serve, be involved or have any questions about either our Hollywood Campus or our Harmony Toluca Lake Campus, please email us at Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). This church’s discernment process is scheduled to conclude: Will you hire LGBTQ+ people for any ministry role? Sign up for email updates and data from our Indoor Air Quality from our Cleaning for Health Team. Your submission has been received! St. Louis MO … Our vision is to make the world a better place. We take into account: public information available on church’s website, denomination’s website, and pastor’s statements (including social media). We bring to bear science and management process engineering upon traditional janitorial practices with revolutionary results. Please review the Score Links & Notes section for the rationale for this church's score. But we don’t. About, Beliefs). Clarity is reasonable on your website. The first is that the church has a statement affirming "sexual orientation" but not "gender identity." If a church has an egalitarian policy, we provide a Clear or Unclear score based on whether the leadership team consists of at least 50% women and/or non-binary people. All scores, except for “Verified Clear,” are assigned to churches by our volunteers based on our scoring definitions and publicly available information online. It is a “communication” score above anything else. Now is the time to clean your air ducts! Clearing at King’s is now closed for this year. Thank you! We do not take into account: stories submitted by people, news articles, offline PDFs, etc. Why is this church scored as "Unclear: Affirming"? Something went wrong while submitting the form. Although this is a common byproduct of our public database, it is actually not our primary goal. Oops! The King’s is an industry leader in commercial cleaning processes for large, complex facilities. That is why we confine our scope purely to any online evidence available on a church’s website, on its denomination’s or network’s website, and any pastor statements. Why is this church scored as "Unclear: Egalitarian"? As an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau that has maintained an A plus rating for more than ten years, we stand behind our service professionals and their workmanship. That’s great news! If not, then the church will get an Unclear: Egalitarian score. Undisclosed scores are given to churches whose websites provide inconclusive evidence as to the churches’ policies. The language in the policies is clear and contains all necessary information. That said, we do regularly link to the latter category of information (e.g. Similarly, the church may mention they affirm people, "gay or straight," but not mention "transgender" folks. Our Strategic Vision, launched in January 2017 takes us to our 200th anniversary in 2029 and builds upon our history of making a full contribution to society.

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