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A heroin addict, Billy like the easy money dealing drugs afforded him. Heroin was their private passion and armed robbery their side gig. It housed hundreds of thousands of dollars in drugs, and, on a vengeful leader’s orders, became the scene of a quadruple homicide so bloody that it made the news for decades. On the night of June 29, 1981, the Gang fronted John $400 to buy drugs from Eddie Nash. Before leaving British Palestine for America, his family-owned 48 hotels and were wildly successful. Scott Thorson, who had been Liberace’s paid companion for several years was at Nash’s house buying drugs when he claims that Nash gave Niles the order to pick up Holmes. By 1988 the police were no closer to solving the case, but they heard John was on death’s bed. Nash would later only admit to sending guys over to the Wonderland townhouse to retrieve the items stolen from him. More than a year late, my specific recollections have dimmed, but my appreciation of this historical novel remains. YouTubeCrime scene footage showing the bloodstain in the bedroom of Susan and Ron Launius. The two of them became heavy drug users, later becoming police informants, and they travelled to Los Angeles in 1981 to join Ron Launius' Wonderland Gang. The police found the house ransacked, and blood trampled through every room. Some reports claim that Holmes was trying to make himself look innocent while others say that Holmes was taken forcibly to Nash’s by Niles, the bodyguard after Holmes was discovered wearing some of Nash’s jewelry. During the robbery, as Nash was being made to open the safe, Lind accidentally shot and wounded Diles. Reports would later paint him as a reluctant criminal, one who regretted that his long track record of heroin abuse — and resulting arrests — made it difficult for him to find and hold other jobs. Den Drogendealern Ron Launius, Billy Deverell, Barbara Richardson und der Hausbesitzerin Joy Miller wurden mit Stahlrohren regelrecht die Schädel zertrümmert. Menu. The blood is Susan’s. David brought his girlfriend Barbara “Butterfly” Richardson and they crashed on the couch of the Wonderland house. She sustained severe brain trauma, had to have part of her skull removed, and lost part of a finger. Biography. 3, in der gezeigt wird, dass man Holmes dazu gezwungen hat, sich anzusehen, was mit seinen Freunden passiert, für wahrscheinlicher als die ersten beiden, und zwar ganz einfach deshalb, weil Lind sich selbst in einem viel zu guten Licht präsentieren will und Holmes Version nicht stimmen kann, weil Lind zwar sicher nicht die hellste Birne im Kronleuchter ist, aber selbst er war wohl kaum so blöd, dass er den schon damals als absolut durchgedreht geltenden Nash verraten würde, wer denn überhaupt erst die Idee zu dem Überfall hatte (weil Nash ja sonst noch am selben Tag auch seinen Namen und Adresse aus Holmes rausgeprügelt hätte). Filming & Production Nash’s men beat Holmes until he agreed to let Nash’s men in to the Wonderland house. Holmes groomed Dawn and regularly beat her and pimped her for drugs and money. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When not writing, Cynthia's kiddo chasing, playing with Legos, administrative assisting at a small museum, performing in impromptu dance parties, baking, and occasionally jogging. No one has ever been officially charged and convicted of the Four on the Floor Murders on Wonderland Avenue. Nash was a well off guy, so the theft wasn’t going to break him, it was more a matter of principle. The frequent visits didn’t make Nash suspicious because Holmes and he were so close that Nash often referred to Holmes as “my brother.”. The Wonderland murders, also known as the Four on the Floor Murders and the Laurel Canyon Murders, are four unsolved homicides that occurred in Los Angeles on July 1, 1981. Juli 1981 erhielt die Polizei einen Notruf, da in dem Haus mit der Adresse 8763 Wonderland Avenue ein extrem bestialischer Vierfachmord geschehen ist. Company Credits (Hier war ja schon der Film grenzwertig genug, der am Schluss, als die Morde uns – übrigens reichlich brutal für FSK 16, muss ich schon sagen – immer wieder für ein paar Frames eben jene Leichen zeigt, aber dass man dann in den Extras jede Leiche minutenlang in ihrer ganzen „Pracht“ betrachten darf, schlägt dem Fass den Boden aus!) Und jetzt genug der Superlative. Juli 1981 erhielt die Polizei einen Notruf, da in dem Haus mit der Adresse 8763 Wonderland Avenue ein extrem bestialischer Vierfachmord geschehen ist. Die Wonderland-Morde erregten damals in Amerika jede Menge Aufmerksamkeit. Ron Launius Instead of coming up with the money, he came up with a plan. Release Dates | Official Sites | Company Credits | Filming & Production | Technical Specs. Ultimately, Holmes was acquitted in June of 1982 after a three-week trial. In the neighboring bedroom, Ron Launius was dead, bloodied and beaten almost beyond recognition. Das lag natürlich daran, dass mit John Holmes ein Mann im Mittelpunkt stand, der quasi der erste Weltstar der Pornoindustrie war und der nach einer steilen Karriere in der Erotikbranche bereits einen extremen Absturz hingelegt hatte. In early July 1981, while in the bath, John Homes told his then-wife, Sharron, that he was a main player in four brutal murders at a drug dealer’s home in Laurel Canyon. Finally, check out some of the most famous murder stories of all time. Kate Bosworth kann zwar die emotionale Abhängigkeit Dawns von Holmes gut rüberbringen, aber mit Anfang 20 kaufe ich ihr den 15jährigen Teenager einfach nicht mehr ab, sorry. Currently, Cynthia calls the California North Bay home where she lives with her husband and son. The house on Wonderland Avenue, where four brutal murders took place and the infamous Wonderland murders video was filmed. David Lind (24 October 1938-16 November 1995) was a member of the Wonderland Gang of Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles.Lind survived the Wonderland murders, as he spent the night with a male prostitute, but his girlfriend Barbara Richardson was among the dead.. After reading about the Wonderland Murders, check out the unbelievable true story of the Lizzie Borden murders. Historica Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He said that he led three men inside the Wonderland townhouse and watched as they beat the five occupants. But Susan was still hanging onto life, even though it was clear she had been left for dead. Both men were acquitted in 1991. Charged with planning the murders, Nash was saved by a hung jury: just one juror stood between Nash and a guilty verdict. One of the gang members shot a bodyguard of Nash’s while he was trying to handcuff him. The property was officially leased in Joy Miller’s name, but it was home to a rotating cast of characters. A bloody hammer was tangled in Miller’s sheets, and several metal pipes littered the floor. Nash maintained that he never planned the Wonderland murders. Als Extras gibt es einen Ausschnitt aus der Sendung Court-TV (unter anderem mit einem Interview mit Dawn Schiller, die hier auch als Associate Producer fungierte), einen Audiokommentar von James Cox und Autor Captain Mauzner, entfernte Szenen, den Autopsiebericht, Interviews mit den Stars und etwas, für das ich die DVD fast schon wieder hasse: Nämlich das etwa halbstündige Tatortvideo des LAPD. Nur finde ich, dass das Tatortvideo nicht auf diese Weise hätte veröffentlicht werden dürfen (aus ethischen Gründen). Cordova High School, Rancho Cordova, CA. Die Einbrecher schlugen mit Stahlrohren brutal auf die Anwesenden ein: Ronald Launius, William R. DeVerell und Joy Miller, Launius‘ Ehefrau Susan und Linds Freundin Barbara Richardson. After this, they headed to the master bedroom and forced Nash to give them the combination to the safe. A close-up of the Wonderland house’s address, taken by the evidence tech who processed the crime scene and filmed the Wonderland murder video. In March 1982, the police made an arrest, John Holmes. Some in law enforcement commented that Ron was one of the coldest people they had ever met. As they’d been working at the house next door to 8763 Wonderland, they’d heard desperate, pained moans coming from the drug house. 1976 Senior Photo. Ron Launius : Well it's only the beginning baby L.A. in the summer anything could happen right. Barbara Lee Richardson was born in Sacramento, California in 1958, and she became the girlfriend of Aryan Brotherhood biker David Lind. The first time Holmes entered Nash’s house under the pretense of partying and buying drugs, he forgot to lock the door. He also agreed to cooperate with law enforcement authorities. Boris Yaro/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images. The goal of the robbery was to abscond with the piles of money, heroin, and cocaine Holmes claimed were locked safe located in Nash’s bedroom floor. Ron Launius drug smuggling background during Vietnam when he was dishonorably discharged from the United States Air Force and convicted for smuggling heroin from Vietnam to the US in the corpses of American soldiers. On 1 July 1981, she was beaten to death by some of Eddie Nash's men, who used striated lead pipes to kill the gang members, as she slept on the couch of Launius' rowhouse on Wonderland Avenue.

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