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It also costs more than our other picks, and as of this writing it’s back-ordered across the relatively few sites that sell it. The Dell U2720Q has a higher 90 W charging rate and a slimmer border around the screen, and it’s also usually cheaper than the P2721Q, so we recommend the U2720Q instead. Here’s the best audio and video gear, plus accessories, to improve your gaming enjoyment. Pour en savoir plus, consultez les. Settings like 30 Hz or 24 Hz will look slower and more stuttery than you’re used to, since most phones, laptop screens, and other monitors refresh at 60 Hz. The ViewSonic ColorPro VP3268-4K doesn’t include a USB-C port and doesn’t cost much less than monitors that do, and the BenQ EW3280U doesn’t include a USB hub and has a limited stand that only tilts the monitor up and down. It’s a fine choice if the U2720Q is out of stock, or if you can get it for significantly less than $500. And while it’s not as nice-looking as our top picks, it’s also not as garish as some gamer-focused computer hardware. But because G-Sync monitors require an extra Nvidia chip that FreeSync monitors don’t need, they tend to be rarer and more expensive. Vous pouvez personnaliser vos options d'affichage, contrôler le pivot, en quelques clics. “4K” is a loose term that refers to the number of pixels present horizontally across the screen; the most common 4K resolution is 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels (yes, they are rounding up, but 3.84K is not as catchy). Ratings above 3.0 mean you’d probably see a difference with your naked eye. If you’re playing high-end games, you’ll also need a powerful graphics card like an Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT. Using the Z27’s sRGB color preset, we measured a contrast ratio of 985:1, which is on the low end of typical for most computer monitors—detail in dark images and videos will be decent but not exceptional. A slim border all the way around the screen makes the monitor look more modern and reduces the amount of space between screens in a multi-monitor setup. On the side of the monitor are two more USB 3.0 ports, including another with fast charging. Windows laptops work fine, and Mac desktops (like iMacs) with dedicated graphics will also work fine. The three-year warranty plus the Premium Panel Guarantee, which covers the monitor if it has even one bright-subpixel defect, are also excellent. Les photos des produits ne sont pas contractuelles; le produit ne comprend pas forcément tous les éléments de la photo. Ce montant pourra être modifié jusqu'à ce que vous ayez effectué le paiement. Dell’s three-year warranty was typical among the monitors we tested, but its Premium Panel Guarantee means that if your screen has even a single bright-subpixel defect, Dell will replace the whole screen for you; some other manufacturers allow two or three bright subpixels before they’ll replace anything. Une fois l'objet reçu, contactez le vendeur dans un délai de. The two monitors have comparable stands, warranties, and ports. Black Silver 2-2, Samsung LG 24" Monitor Stand with Swivel Height Tilt Pivot Stand Only SH850. The HP Z27 (not to be confused with the non-4K Z27n) is a good runner-up option if the Dell U2720Q is out of stock or too expensive. The monitor’s four-year warranty is one year longer than what you get with any of our other picks, though the company’s dead-pixel policy (PDF) (see “Customer care and warranty” section) isn’t exceptionally generous. Envoyé sous 2 jours ouvrés après réception du paiement. |, À spécifier lors de la finalisation de l'achat, Ce montant inclut les droits de douane, les taxes, les frais de courtage et les autres frais applicables. Its stand swivels, tilts, pivots, and supports height adjustments, and while it’s mostly made of plastic it doesn’t feel too wobbly or look too cheap. It supports tilting, swiveling, and height adjustments, and will pivot 90 degrees to work in portrait mode—everything we look for in a good monitor stand—and it has VESA mounting holes in case you want to use a monitor arm instead. It does have two HDMI 2.0 ports and one DisplayPort 1.2 port, enough to connect a computer and one or two other devices to the monitor at the same time. Wirecutter is reader-supported. The Dell U3219Q is more expensive than 27-inch monitors, but it has good color accuracy and USB-C connectivity, and it offers a larger display and a built-in KVM feature that lets you use it with two computers at the same time. Andrew Cunningham is a senior staff writer on Wirecutter's tech team. And because it is a gaming monitor, you get a few extra game-centric features like FreeSync. Frais de livraison internationale et d'importation payés à Pitney Bowes Inc. Une partie des frais de livraison internationale et d'importation est payée à Pitney Bowes Inc. Frais de livraison internationale payés à Pitney Bowes Inc. Une partie des frais de livraison internationale est payée à Pitney Bowes Inc. Remboursement sous 30 jours, l'acheteur paie les frais de retour, HP 19” Monitor with Pivot, Swivel, Height and Tilt adjustments. We don’t think 24 inches is an ideal size for a 4K monitor—you need to scale things, like text, up to see them well, which means you don’t benefit from extra desktop space the way you do on a 27-inch or 32-inch monitor—but if you need one, this is the one to buy. These monitors all come with one-year warranties, where monitors from LG’s business lineup come with three-year warranties. If you have more money to spend and more space on your desk, a 32-inch 4K monitor is large enough that you may not need to scale up text or UI elements to make them readable. On the back of the monitor, you’ll find an HDMI port, a DisplayPort, a USB-C port, and two USB Type-A ports. Les créateurs de contenus HDR apprécieront sa capacité à reproduire la luminosité et le contraste pour la prévisualisation et l'édition. And like Dell, HP offers a three-year warranty with a zero-bright-subpixel guarantee. L'ère de l'UHD 4K HDR Profitez d'images impeccables et de toute la vivacité des couleurs avec le moniteur LG UHD 4K HDR. The sRGB preset does limit the monitor’s coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut, which we talk about below in Flaws but not dealbreakers. Images plus fluides et nettes La technologie Radeon FreeSync vous assure une fluidité et une limpidité exceptionnelles des mouvements dans vos parties rapides en haute résolution. The monitor’s three-year warranty includes a zero-bright-subpixel guarantee—like Dell, HP will replace the display for you if it develops even a single bright-subpixel defect. If you can find the T32p-20 and it costs less than $700, it’s a good monitor for the price. Dell’s P2415Q is more than five years old, and you can tell—it has a thick bezel and no USB-C port. Saisissez un chiffre inférieur ou égal à 2. So I called LG and they told me it was being processed for return because the part was on backorder, wait some more. Saisissez 5 ou 9 chiffres pour le code postal. Photo: Andrew Cunningham. When we last tested it in 2019, we were impressed by its color accuracy and contrast, and Dell’s three-year warranty and Premium Panel Guarantee are both great. But if you’re doing professional video or photo editing and want to view 4K photos and videos at their native resolution, if you want to be able to fit more stuff on your screen at once, or if you want to see sharper text and more detailed images on your screen, a 4K monitor is worth the investment. The Dell UltraSharp U2720Q is the best 27-inch 4K monitor for most people because it combines exceptional color accuracy and contrast, a useful array of ports, a sleek design, a flexible stand, a great warranty, and a reasonable price. Most of the time you won’t be able to tell the difference between an image on the monitor and a color-accurate reference image. Photo: Andrew Cunningham, The USB-A and USB-C ports are tucked away behind the screen rather than being on the edge of the monitor, which might help hide cables if you don’t want to see them. That said, you can have as many as six dark-subpixel defects before Dell will replace the display, where other companies will only tolerate four or five.

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