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And thanks for reading Autoblog. It'll start at around $10,000 less than any other EV on sale. As for elevation, it ranges from sea level to just over 600 feet. Confident yet charming – it embraces tradition, and points towards a bright, exciting future. If you like the idea of a Mini Cooper S and can deal with a plug-in car, I see no reason not to give the Mini Cooper SE a hard look. SORRY, GOTTA GO. It only takes a few seconds. The premium cockpit technology makes driving as convenient as it is electrifying. This means that the Mini Cooper SE will have a significant range disadvantage against similarly-priced competitors such as the Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Ioniq Electric. But now the above arguments are even more compelling now that I’ve proved to myself that it is indeed possible to beat the Mini’s rated range to a significant degree without trying too hard. It’s not, in my view. The all-electric MINI LED rear lights form a two-part motif that alludes to the iconic emblem. The design is heavily inspired by the Mini Electric Concept and features a unique grille, special logo, and funky 16-inch wheels (17s are also available). The all-electric MINI is the original icon, now re-energised for the roads of tomorrow. connectivity for an electrifying lifestyle. This is painful to say because I love the Mini form factor and I’m glad BMW has finally introduced this car. That would have put the projected range north of 150 miles. The battery-powered Mini does weigh more, but the SE’s right-sized battery makes the difference less dramatic. It’s powered by a high-voltage, 96-cell, 32.6 kWh (gross capacity) battery pack that’s mounted under the floor, between the front seats and under the back seats. In fact, in many ways I see it as a smart design choice. So you can focus on the essentials like how good your music sounds on the Harman Kardon-designed hi-fi system. Customers in the US, UK, Italy, and Spain can also register their interest. Please follow the instructions below to enable JavaScript in your browser. The electric Mini only weighs 319 pounds more than a gas-engined model, so this level of performance seems like it could be fun on a back road. You may order presentation ready copies to distribute to your colleagues, customers, or clients, by visiting I hope there’s a driver preference setting I didn’t manage to find. I would have argued that the Mini’s range rating of 110 miles was fine even if I hadn’t beaten that figure by 25%. Your all-electric MINI is the epitome of calmness and tranquility, offering you a sanctuary for relaxation and reflection. It manages to exude personality and be fun to drive even here. In the back, Union Jack taillights remind people this is still a Mini Cooper. A drop down menu will appear. The electric Mini’s 32.6 kWh battery has a reported range of 235 to 270 km (146-168 miles) based on the new WLTP cycle. Mini has yet to reveal pricing but the Cooper SE would have to cost far less than models like the $36,620 Chevy Bolt to interest buyers. I make the turn away from the coast after completing 58.7 miles, and the distance-to-empty readout says I’ve got another 62 miles at my disposal. “Uh-oh. You feel the sensation of being close to the road. That’s 27.7 miles and 25.2% better than the EPA rating. The range meter of my fully charged 2020 Mini Cooper SE reads 110 miles as I fasten my seatbelt, which is hardly a surprise because that number matches the official EPA-certified range of this all-new electric car. None of my initial hand-wringing should be taken to mean the Mini’s rated range of 110 miles is somehow insufficient. Incidentally, that refill took 3 hours and 21 minutes on a 240-volt home charge station that delivered sufficient amperage (32 amps) to max out the Mini SE’s 7.4 kilowatt on-board charger. Errors and changes excepted. I will later discover a more useful digital readout good for 1% resolution after thumbing through the trip computer menu. You still haven't turned off your adblocker or allowed our site. Mini only estimates 110 miles on a charge for the SE. It’s easy to switch to normal braking with a simple flip of one of the toggles, but it’s not long before I go back to one-pedal mode. Its wide track and tightly-tuned suspension system hold you firmly and tightly on the ground as you attack every bend. You must have JavaScript enabled to experience the new Autoblog. Only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedure. It’s furnished with a striking yellow accent bar and ‘MINI Electric’ badge to give it a fresh character. Its vehicle concept is based on the MINI 3 Door. This is perfectly complemented by the high-resolution MINI Connected touchscreen in the centre of the dash, from which you interact with your MINI. Switch on to a new urban electric lifestyle. We drive a 2020 MINI Cooper SE at a constant 56 mph to see just how far the electric MINI will go on a single charge. Divide that by 105.7 miles and you get an observed consumption of 21.9 kWh per 100 miles (kWh/100). Dynamic yet gentle, the all-electric MINI offers you an entirely new driving experience. Will the Mini Cooper SE prove to be one of the outliers? The only remaining question is this: will I see any low battery warnings before I get home? Even with the direct high torque and high revs of the electric engine, your all-electric MINI doesn't need a clutch, and you can accelerate immediately – at any time and at any speed. pricing details on the 2020 Mini Cooper SE, the Ioniq's range has been boosted to 170 miles. The electric Mini Cooper SE is BMW’s first all-electric car since the BMW i3 was released in 2013. It also tells you how to increase your current range by taking into consideration your individual driving habits to establish the most efficient route. 2022 GMC Hummer Arrives As 1,000-HP EV Supertruck, 7 Coolest Features Of The 2022 GMC Hummer, 2022 GMC Hummer EV First Look Review: An Icon Goes Electric, New BMW M3 And M4 Already Getting A New Face, Fire Destroys A Once Beautiful Singer Restored Porsche 911, Pininfarina Battista Will Offer A Truly Exclusive Charging Experience, © 2010-2020 CarBuzz Inc. All Rights Reserved, new electric model is called the Mini Cooper SE, heavily inspired by the Mini Electric Concept, motor was taken directly from the BMW i3S. Mini is clearly targeting city buyers, but those people may just prefer public transport and ride-sharing. Did you catch the odd bit there? It can lead to stress and weaken our ability to focus and concentrate. The range meter of my fully charged 2020 Mini Cooper SE reads 110 miles as I fasten my seatbelt, which is hardly a surprise because that number matches the official EPA-certified range of … It never altered its projections to reflect how I was driving. Both cars are significantly less powerful, though, with the Leaf making 147 horsepower, and the Ioniq making 134 horsepower. The negative effects of too much noise go well beyond hearing. Thanks for that. There’s still a long way to go. But if you consider that over a decade ago, the Mini E had a better motor and similar power pack, they should fire the CEO In fact, the i3 at least had RWD and better acceleration than this. Click on the icon for your Adblocker in your browser. BMW says the new electric Mini will be a three-door based on the current ICE version of the Mini Cooper SE: The first-ever purely electric model of the British brand is a genuine MINI to the core. The Mini SE has such a setting, and it’s the start-up default, too. The flip side of that, of course, is the go-kart ride. The length of my course has no special meaning. The truth is that this is a 1st generation EV, hopefully the last BMW tries to roll out on its i3 platform. My charge station’s meter also said it took 23.2 kilowatt-hours (kWh) to refill the Mini’s battery. We get it. The motor was taken directly from the BMW i3S but now powers the front wheels instead of the rears. Ads can be annoying. With cars like the Chevy Bolt offering twice the driving range, the Cooper SE will have to be much cheaper to even hope to be competitive. BMW says more than 40,000 customers have already registered their interest. If you'd like to come back and keep tinkering, save it and give it a sweet name so you can pick up where you left off, SAVE MY MINI FIRST

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