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Ram Jam was an American 1970s rock band, best known for their 1977 hit single, "Black Betty." The first track on the album, the single "Black Betty", is Ram Jam's best known song. They reformed band 1992. Around this same time, the group began to perform in World War I "doughboy" uniforms that they had purchased at a vintage clothing store in the East Village. You really don’t believe in asking easy questions do you? Gar Francis is a prolific songwriter, who also has a solo career playing as Plainfield Slim and had released two full albums prior as Plainfield Slim; Another Mule In The Barn and as Plainfield Slim & The Groundhawgs; When The Devil Hits Home. You just have to have the basic chops and a whole lot of soul to communicate through music what’s running through your veins. Most everyone can relate to it and for most musicians it’s very enjoyable to play because you don’t have to be a Julliard graduate or highly trained musician to play blues rock. So many musicians and singers either play/sing with their eyes closed or are staring into space. From whom have you have learned the most secrets about the music? On the strength of a self-released album, Living Room, Seymour Stein signed Heyman to a deal with Sire Records/Warner Bros. Records where he recorded as Richard X Heyman. Finally settling on the lineup of Myke Scavone, Mike Farina (from Ascots), with Richie Heyman, Mike Caruso, and Willy Kirchofer from Apollos, they changed their name to The Doughboys in 1966. Kirchofer's guitar was again featured on a cover of "It's Alright". It’s a fundraiser for Family Resource Associates in Red Bank. I’ll always remember the good times hanging out with Peter (our Drummer) and Howie (Bass). on MacDougall Street, where they were the house band in the summer of 1968. Kirchofer played with Jake and the Family Jewels. Our set ended with me and Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys Drummer) entwined in an all-out brawl right there on the stage in front of the whole audience. That night, it’s a canteen, like back in the day at a Friday night dance. In 2000, Richie Heyman's wife, Nancy, decided to organize a reunion Doughboys show. There have been some really great times when a bunch of us were just sitting around with acoustic guitars and a fiddle and harp and just playing what came to us. Listen @cdbaby", "♫ Hot Beat Stew - The Doughboys. I can’t really say that there has been any one person who I’ve learned the most from. I like the soulful, funky, noisy nugget “Trampled by Giants” and the ethereal “Kaleidoscope,” both of which for the most part are instrumentals with vocals used only for effect, but the vocal/lyrical tracks, while well meaning, such as the political “Running with Bears,” are too uneven to be effective. Listen @cdbaby", "♫ Rock N' Raw - The Doughboys. "I like to move around and encourage the crowd to do the same. “Wonderama” is back and seeking Jersey kids to be on the revamped variety show. I do background vocals, harmonica and percussion. Willy was the one who first showed me how to play the harmonica. We play houses that are packed. ; Oct. 6, Music Fest Café, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Oct. 7, Strand Theatre, Lakewood; Oct. 9, Mohegan Sun, Uncaseville, Connecticut, and Oct. 11, B.B. Myke is a great performer and singer who left his sign at 60s and 70s blues rock music with Doughboys and Ram Jam. Do you know why the harp is connected to the blues and what are the harp’s secrets? He then joined the Ascots in 1965 with another member of the Apollos, guitarist Mike Farina. Their repertoire consisted mostly of covers of groups like the Yardbirds, the Kinks, the Animals, and the Rolling Stones. When we talk about blues and rock, we usually refer to memories and moments of the past. The recording session was the brainstorm of Barlett and bubblegum producers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz. Staff Writer Bob Makin: 732-565-7319; Well they all have their roots in the basic, simplest forms of music. Answer: Through the fact that we opened for them back in 2013. If you pursue music for any other reason than that you love doing it, you’ll find it’s just another job and you’ll come to hate it. [3], Following the disbandment of the Doughboys, Scavone began a career as a session drummer throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s. Lead Vocals, Percussion – Myke Scavone Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Bill Bartlett . in Greenwich Village. [1][2], Scavone joined his first band, the Apollos, in December 1964. Gar suggested myself and Mike Caruso, but they didn’t want two Doughboys to play Yardbirds, which The Doughboys actually do not do in quite the same way. Just register and pay with a credit card. But the place we played asked us to come back, Arlene’s Grocery in New York City. The other most memorable time was in 1967 when The Doughboys opened up for the Beach Boys. "Being on the road with RAM Jam was a crazy experience". In 2000, for Richard X Heyman's birthday, his wife Nancy organized a surprise Doughboys reunion. Myke Scavone would eventually go on to front the group, Ram Jam, who had a hit record with the song, "Black Betty". After much consideration, the band added guitarist, Gar Francis. Although Scavone was not on the recording of the song, he was recruited to front the group shortly after it was released and appears in a video of the song.

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