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I'm working on a paper discussing Hak Kyung Cha's Dictée through Glissant's poetics of relation. I thought graduating debt free from a top college would help me, or at least not hurt me, but it seems that my choice of major is hindering things. The thing about liberal arts is that you have to be willing to work the minimum wage job for a while as you build your credits for free doing smaller projects. The only job I found, after almost being unemployed for 5 months after graduation, was one paying $10 an hr in retail. Honestly even if you picked up a degree in a field that employees nearly everyone like I did in technical college, it still wouldn't stop you from potentially ending up with a job you hate. I was offered a job this summer because a girl I'd worked with gave an alumni she knew my email when she was looking for people to fill positions. That was the only job she could find. Sometimes I actually think stem is easier in the sense that it involves a lot of memorization, which is something I find easy in comparison to writing a huge paper. One of my friends who I met on the job, almost age 29, the same major as me (god, I don't even want to say what it is, it's that embarrassing to me now) has never had a paid vacation in her life, and is only now making more than $8 an hour finally. Off the top of my head I can think of at least ten people I know who graduated with liberal arts degrees in the last five years, none of whom came from money, with great careers. I think the key (that we were all shown) with languages is the soft skills you get with it, are just as important as the hard skills. Should I just leave them all behind to live on the street? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Writing Self, Writing Nation: a Collection of Essays on Dictée by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. I don't understand why it matters how "hard" X studies are versus Y studies. I'm social sciences (economics) but nearly every financial firm I talk to simply says that they want intelligent people and don't care about the major. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, SSW Diploma | BA and MA History | PhD Human Studies Candidate. Press J to jump to the feed. My studies give me hours of reading and writing. Pick up certifications and see about classes offered in specified fields. Take on small gigs that may cost more to complete than they pay. psychology is a science tho, those people can't even get their fields right, as an just-graduated engineering student, i don't think engineering is that hard, it's a field where you either get it or you don't. Only having one person from your college that you can refer to in this story makes me think you should have been more actively connecting with your peers during school. A good friend with a fine arts degree and one years training on computer animation now works on kids television programming. You should do what you like, not what others think. And, you can't B.S. I would add that to achieve the same level of success in their careers, humanities majors must work as hard as stem majors. Personally, my experience is the opposite of yours. I'm not even really saying this for me, I feel like it's too late either way. I notice a lot of people on this subreddit are science-y. Most of my friends are science students, and I always feel inadequate in comparison to them -- I may be a PhD student and them undergrads, but I would still fail grade ten science if I had to take it a third time, so I feel that they are in much more difficult programs than I am. You graduated 5 months ago. They were called the Crutchy Push. There's no need for the snide comments asking why I'm doing something so pointless, or telling me to my face that I'm useless and have no skills. They've taken the easiest of humanities courses because some English and Visual Arts are required and based on that, they assume it just doesn't get any harder. It's not for everyone, but everyone I've seen who's successful aren't the people who say "Woe is me." I wish I could have went to a four year college right away, but I was looking into 50k worth of debt if I had. If anyone else is struggling in picking a major, I want them to make a good, informed choice, and not have people say pick whatever you want, since it did not work out for me or others I know. He went back to a trade school for a year and got his A&P Mechanic's license. That seems to be the only thing hiring. Yet I have whole weeks where I just get to power nap between classes. I wish someone told me the realities of how this would be like, instead of giving me exceptions to the rule. You have to decide if you're willing to sacrifice your free-time for something you want to grow into or if you'd rather have the guaranteed job. Those classes probably aren't too representative of humanities degrees as a whole, but that's all we see. I see it all the time (literally, on my snapchat feed, by the people who are going out to the bars 4 nights a week). If I was interested in humanities, I’d be there instead. Third Woman Press, 1994. I am a student on the reading/writing side of things. Unfortunately, my (Dutch) library does not carry this collection. No analysis, no detailed explanation, no supporting evidence for Y reason. I am not happy about this at all, trust me. I am a librarian by trade and love deep diving into a topic. Do you have a similar experience, or a different one? Holy shit it took fucking forever.

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