nigerian food facts

Common meats that you’d typically find in most meals include fish, beef, chicken or mutton. Many of the traditional spices used are natively found in Africa. It’s a favorite national dish of African people. These have since been exported and used around the world. Flan is a sweet dish. Water and vegetables are usually added to the mixture for stew. You will learn so much about making Nigerian foods that you would surprise the people around you… and even surprise yourself, welcome. It has become a very famous and tasty dish hailing from West Africa. From vegetables to meats and other dishes, spices are used for almost everything. Traditional African meals generally center around starches, such as porridges, cornmeal, grits and fried breads. © 2020 Demand Africa. African food can vary from each country in the continent; however, there are common flavors throughout the dishes that make it distinctive. It’s a sauce and seasonal food for Africans. You typically won’t see this dish anywhere else in the world, unless coming from African heritage. Slow cooking is a customary method of preparing African food. Origins began from locally grown crops in Africa. The Nigerian flag was designed by Taiwo Akinkunmi in 1959; The Eagle is the Nigerian national animal; Football is the national sport; The highest point is Chappal Waddi at 7936 ft (2,419 meters above the sea) The name Nigeria is derived from … by Bim Adewunmi. Starch Traditional African meals generally center around starches, such as porridges, cornmeal, grits and fried breads. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It’s another traditional dish that has began to become a staple in other countries and cultures. Take your tastebuds on a spectacular journey. It is prepared with green pepper, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro leaves, and more. Africans are best at growing organic foods. Jollof rice is Africa’s version of how they prefer to consume rice. They are rich in nutrients, making them a great food option to eat. Other commonly eaten fruits in Africa include apricots, bananas and coconuts. It’s a favorite dish to prepare for large family gatherings or parties. The cuisine often incorporates many tropical climate crops and combines them with wild game and unique spice mixes. With time, we have seen many popular African foods now becoming very popular around the world. During times when meat is scarce, Africans will eat root vegetables like yams or sweet potatoes with eggs. It began in Nigeria but has since been adopted in other countries in Africa. Additional ingredients are added in small amounts to accompany the chosen starch. You can find a variety of nuts almost anywhere.

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