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The expenses for this type of partnership are higher, due to the fact that there is no possibility for income from racing for upwards of a year while the horse is in training (unless the horse is resold as a yearling or at a 2 year-old in training sale, often referred to as “Pinhooking”; see below). We are not affiliated with the Military Academy at West Point. Leaders of Racehorse Partnerships Invest in a Thoroughbred & Make Your Dreams a Reality. Acquiring a horse through private sale enables our team of experienced horsemen and Bloodstock experts the opportunity to examine and vet the horse prior to purchase, and negotiate an appropriate price. Affordable Shares: Unlike the majority of partnership opportunities, Pocket Aces Partnerships are affordable. Blue Streak Racing will work in concert with its experienced team to select horses that have the potential to compete (“run back”) on short rest and/or advance (move “up the ladder”) to higher claiming levels. Our financial reports provide details about the income your horse has brought in, and all costs. Typical partnerships are comprised of 10 shares and each share typically sells for $2,000 – $20,000. Acquiring a young horse at auction, or via private sale, with the express intent of reselling at a later time/place is often referred to as Pinhooking. Do not wait—learn more At Ruby Shoe Stables, we focus on developing the best talent in the area. updated about the income and costs brought in by your horse, as well as Ruby Shoe Stables, LLC is changing horse racing partnerships by making ownerships affordable and connecting owners to the horses the way it should be; making it personal again. Rather than own an entire horse and lose the entire investment if the horse retires prematurely, some investors choose to invest in smaller units among multiple horses to minimize risk. There are many companies offering racing partnerships around the country. He has accrued $39,403.00 to date highlighted by two wins at Arlington Park, IL during September alone in 2019. into your horse and, no matter what percentage of the horse you buy, you Purchased for $75,000 as a weanling then purchased for $150,000 as a 2 year old, he has shown great ability in his young career. Our professionals The problem with auctions is that competition is keen, and everyone is chasing the same good horses, which drives the price up. Click the "contact team member" button above to submit an online form, and one of our team members will reach out to you to discuss your ownership goals and answer any questions. We want to make sure once we have made a selection of a horse, you can follow the horse every step of the way. We make it personal. We will reach out to you multiple ways and provide weekly updates. Unite the Masses, out of Cairo Prince, is a 3 year old gelding who has hit the board in seven of his nine career starts. We make sure the horse has everything it needs to be successful. This strategy also helps maintain “action”, providing more opportunities for race day action and fun. We don’t over inflate (or mark up) the price of the horses. If you would like further information about Mark’s racing partnerships, please email him at: partners@johnston.racing. you are ready to pursue your dream for the first time, or. Ruby Shoe Stables, LLC is changing horse racing partnerships by making ownerships affordable and connecting owners to the horses the way it should be; making it personal again.We want to focus on choosing the best horses and trainers throughout the tri- state of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Imagine a tree. Virginia Thoroughbred Association. That being said, we can point you in the direction of a racing experience that is within your price range and comfort level. Horse Racing Partnerships A great way to enjoy the fun of owning a horse while sharing the cost is through a racing partnership, in which up to 20 people can be members. Why You Should Consider Pocket Aces Racing. EDUCATION IS A HUGE PART OF THE WPT EXPERIENCE. However, just like people, all thoroughbreds are individuals and mature at their own pace. price. Extremely limited partnerships will be available on this horse. of being a racehorse owner, all at a fraction of the price. We want to focus on choosing the best horses and trainers throughout the tri- state of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Also, the younger the horse at the time of purchase, traditionally, the lower the price. California's premiere horse racing partnerships is Blinkers On Racing Stable. She continues to get her horses perform extremely while making sure the horses get the best treatment possible. SOLD OUT. you buy 5% or 50% of the horse, once you make your investment, the horse These rates pay for all expected, regular expenses associated with training and racing the thoroughbred with the exception of racing licenses. As a member of our team, you will always be updated about news in the racehorse industry. By spreading out the costs of campaigning a race horse and relying on experienced industry professionals to select and manage their horses, people with no or limited equine experience can increase their chances of a successful experience in one of the most emotionally rewarding sports around. Driven by a common love for horses and a passion for the industry, investing in a racehorse has become one of the best decisions many of our partners have ever made. exercise needed to maintain their health. We're different. Have a passion in owning a race horse, but don't want to go. One key feature of our partnerships is that they are all underwritten by Johnston Racing.

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