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When he arrived, his bio in the Packers’ media guide listed him at six feet, 170 pounds and assessed him as follows: In July, Woodfield was among the rookies who competed against the Bears in a scrimmage at Lambeau Field. And as a former linebacker, he was quick to notice receivers who resisted cutting across the middle of the field. Neither team gave a reason for cutting Woodfield, and although there are no records of him being arrested in Wisconsin, a detective later learned that Woodfield had been allegedly involved in at least 10 cases of indecent exposure across the state, according to Sports Illustrated. Here he—and the vast majority have been male—has been hyperbolized and fetishized, even romanticized. Randall Woodfield was born December 26, 1950, in Salem, Oregon, the third child of an upper-middle-class family. They released Woodfield on Aug. 19, 1974, before their season began. Psychologists will tell you it’s a fool’s errand, a gross oversimplification, that there’s no sense looking for one trigger or single event that can explain what internal misfire, what faulty circuitry, could have turned a man into a serial killer. Serial killer Randall Woodfield murdered at least seven people throughout his Interstate 5 crime spree, targeting victims from Northern California to Washington. People with Chinese zodiac Tiger are powerful, independent, confident and brave. Yet Portland detectives maintain that the Packers quietly cut Woodfield in part because of off-field concerns. But none has been as infamous a person as Randy Woodfield. At PSU, he became active in a student group called Campus Crusade for Christ. He signed almost immediately. Without his pesky football career getting in the way, Woodfield began a serious escalation in his crimes in his home state. Zodiac Sign: Randall Woodfield is a Capricorn. The deal came laden with bonuses: an extra $2,000 if he caught 25 passes that fall, $3,000 if he caught 30. A persistent detective, Dave Kominek, led the investigation. You kidding me?'". He was three semesters short of completing his physical education degree at Portland State, but he rejected suggestions that he return to school; instead he cycled from job to job, residence to residence, romance to romance. He looked, if anything, humbled—a predatory creature brought down and caged in mid-rampage.” Bizarrely, he admitted in court to having owned a .32 pistol but said that when he’d learned that as a parolee it was a violation to own a firearm, he threw the gun into a river. So the policeman drove on. But he also knew that if he oversold a player, he’d lose credibility. On Jan. 18, 1981, Woodfield snuck into an office building in Keizer, Oregon, where he sexually assaulted two 20-year-old cleaning women — Shari Hull and Beth Wilmot. He had been impressed with Woodfield’s hands and athleticism. On June 26, 1981, Randall Woodfield was convicted on all counts. Even if they could secure a conviction, what would be the point? Following his high school graduation in 1969, Woodfield attended Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario, Oregon. She was clearly captivated by Woodfield’s conventional upbringing, jock pedigree and good looks. As one Wisconsin law enforcement officer recalls, years later, Woodfield “couldn’t keep the thing in his pants.”. Ann Rule, who passed away last year at 83, long ago concluded that Woodfield killed women as a form of rebellion against his authoritarian mother and two older sisters. Only when football was no longer part of his life did he take a truly dark turn. “He was kind of a good-looking guy, maybe kind of a ladies man, good physique and the whole thing. The money enabled him to quit his job at a Portland-area Burger Chef. Randall Woodfield is a serial killer who is thought to have murdered as many as 44 victims along the West Coast during an eight-month period in the early 1980s. They come up with a particularly designed killing route, carry out the kill and then make their escape, eluding the cops and crime-scene technicians—only to do it all again after taking a breather.”, And while we call serial killers monsters, often they are all too human. And that doesn’t include a string of more than 100 other crimes, mostly robberies and rapes, that bear his hallmarks. “I remember that his hair was perfect, feathered and combed; he had a perfectly even tan, nails manicured,” says Weatheroy. There, he wore his muscles almost as a fashion statement and told stories about his time in the Packers’ organization. Currently linked to seven deaths, some believe he may have committed up to 44 murders and 60 rapes, according to the Daily News. There is a section dedicated to the documents pertaining to Woodfield. Consider the phrase run amok, which derives from a Malay word translated loosely as “to attack with homicidal mania.” Believing that amok was caused by an evil spirit, Indonesian culture tolerated these violent outbursts and dealt with the aftereffects with no ill will toward the assailant. Fred Auclair, a teammate and roommate, recalls Woodfield bringing home a trinket he had acquired at a local Christian bookstore. They were magic.” Once the magic went away, it was replaced by the sinister. “He was the nicest, most gentlemanly kid I ever knew. On Oct. 11, 1980, she was found raped, stabbed, and bludgeoned to death in her Portland apartment, according to Sports Illustrated. A week after that, in Seattle, a gunman matching the same description pinned down a 25-year-old waitress inside a restroom and forced her to masturbate him. . And he seemed to be afraid of getting hit, which is a terrible quirk for a receiver. In his job as a bouncer he had overlooked her fake ID and let her into a bar. But while Hull died of her gunshot wounds, Garcia survived by feigning her death, lying motionless on the floor with slugs lodged in the back of her skull. His juvenile record was expunged when he was 18. (He was convicted twice.) Woodfield also committed numerous armed robberies, targeting small businesses along I-5, including convenience stores, ice cream shops, and gas stations. Evolutionary biologists have pointed out that as a species, we are hardwired to run away from predators in a way that we don’t reflexively run away from, say, sunbathing or eating bacon or other potential causes of death. Paul Weatheroy, a longtime Portland cold case detective who retired from that job last year. Out of the Oregon State Penitentiary for a day, sitting across from Weatheroy on the 13th floor of the justice building in downtown Portland, Woodfield was pleasant company. She had known Woodfield previously. ), Later, at Treasure Valley (Ore.) Community College, where Woodfield played football for one season before transferring, he was arrested for allegedly ransacking an ex-girlfriend’s home. The greatest overall compatibility with Capricorn is Taurus and Cancer. Other times he wore a fake beard or a hooded sweatshirt, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. He was strikingly handsome, maybe six feet tall, blessed with a torrent of thick, curly brown hair and eyes to match. Majority of Randall’s money comes from being a criminal. He was wearing jeans and a leather jacket. We will continue to update this page, so bookmark it and come back often to see new updates. Despite his flaws, Woodfield was deemed a candidate for the big show. He has two older sisters, one of whom went on to become a doctor, and the other an attorney. Rather than return to Oregon, Woodfield remained in Wisconsin, settling an hour and a half west in Oshkosh, where he played for the semipro Manitowoc Chiefs and moonlighted as a press-brake operator. “He was the one who didn't fit in. Which stood to reason. “He was always bopping by our offices before heading to class,” recalls Stratten. Randall Woodfield zodiac sign is a Capricorn. On March 16, Woodfield was indicted for the Hull murder along with charges in various jurisdictions of rape, sodomy, attempted kidnapping, armed robbery, and illegal possession of firearms, according to Sports Illustrated. It wasn’t just that Woodfield was, in the cliché, coachable. "He ran really good pass routes, but he had just fair hands and did not like contact," PSU teammate Scott Saxton told the Portland Tribune. Editorial Director, SI Group: Chris Stone, Deputy Managing Editor, Sports Illustrated: Ryan Hunt, Assistant Managing Editor, Sports Illustrated: Adam Duerson, Special Projects Editor, SI.com: Ben Eagle, Front-End Web Developer, SI.com: Allen Kim, Engagement Editor, SI.com: Lindsay Applebaum, Director of Photography, Sports Illustrated: Marguerite Schropp. He married a woman who visited him in … Not by anyone. On June 26, 1981, Randall Woodfield was convicted on all counts. Again Woodfield was questioned, but police had nothing concrete linking him to the murders. Pick a country and you likely can find a citizen who has killed ritualistically and repeatedly. Even the breathless jacket synopsis asks how “a suspect who seemed [so] handsome and appealing [could] have committed such ugly crimes.”. Randall Brent "Randy" Woodfield (born December 26, 1950) is an American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and robber who was dubbed The I-5 Killer or The I-5 Bandit by the media due to the crimes he committed along the Interstate 5 corridor running through Washington, Oregon, and California.. And the proverbial red flags would have flapped wildly. Like many famous people and celebrities, Randall Woodfield keeps his personal life private. . Check back often to find new pieces from SI’s award-winning journalists as well as classics from the SI Vault. Family: He married a woman who visited him in prison in 2001. If you any have tips or corrections, please send them our way. Woodfield was already almost certain to die in prison. His mother was a homemaker, and his father was an executive at Pacific Northwest Bell. He was nice enough, but he was odd. Rule has conceded, “I can remember thinking that if I were younger and single, or if my daughters were older, [Bundy] would be almost the perfect man.”, From her home base in the serial killer hotbed of Seattle, Rule grew interested in the I-5 case and published a book in 1984 about Woodfield titled The I-5 Killer. . The Portland Police Department’s property room sits in an industrial pocket of town, right by the Willamette River. Still, the serial killer occupies a singular role in the cast of Americana. After pleading guilty to reduced charges of second-degree robbery, Woodfield was sentenced to 10 years in the Oregon State Penitentiary. Maybe, he speculated, that charged his sex drive. Some time around nine o’clock on the evening of Jan. 18, 1981, Hull had been nearing the end of her Sunday-night shift, cleaning the TransAmerica office building in the central Oregon town of Keizer. In that era there were a number of factors working in the assailant’s favor, from lax gun laws to the popularity of psychedelic drugs to the sprawling interstate highway system to cheap gas. Serial killers may commit acts of unadulterated evil, but they are also figures that generate at least a teensy measure of titillation, sometimes even affection. Stability and order are important to them - and this makes them good organizers. That’s because Randall Woodfield is one of the deadliest serial killers in American history. Apparently emboldened, the one-man crime wave picked up momentum. Two rounds later, with the 428th pick, Green Bay took Woodfield. A search of his apartment discovered a spent .32 caliber bullet that matched the murder weapon and the same brand of tape used to bind his victims. An additional 35 years were added to his sentence that December when he was convicted of sodomy and weapons charges for attacking a woman in a restaurant bathroom, according to Sports Illustrated. Randall Woodfield’s age is 69. In custody, he told authorities he had impulse-control issues, “sexual problems,” and used steroids, according to Sports Illustrated.

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