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Conspiracy theorists, obsessed with the minor 'Knights Templar' offshoot, underestimate the Templars' true European empire. Special Assignment for your specific faction; completing this quest unlocks your Second Faction Outfit, Mobility Privilege Escalation (same as ranks 2 and 4, need to purchase both in order to get 3rd upgrade), Special Assignment for your specific faction, Explosive Specialist Privilege Escalation (Opens more items at the Explosives Vendor); Fourth Faction Outfit, Vault Data Access Authorization (yet-to-be-released feature). As a member of the Illuminati, you don't play by anybody's rules. Player vs. Image credit: ... And so it is with the story behind The Secret World's most secretive faction… A clan of Samuri in Japan tasked with protecting Japan from Demons. This page is specific to The Secret World. The war between the factions runs hot and cold, sweetling. Royal families. Their secrets can make you rich and powerful beyond compare - or they may destroy your soul and sanity with it. The Dragon, the Templars, and the Illuminati have grown haughty. Sabotoge Specialist Authorization (Opens Sabotage vendor in HQ). Founded in the time of. Each rank has a minimum Experience point level that you must achieve before being granted it. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? 1,045 Pages. A branch of the Russian military dedicated to researching the occult and supernatural and turning it to military uses. Games Movies TV Video. They see no serious competition outside their triumvirate. Few know of the Dragon and their long history, and that is how the Dragon want it. For All Mankind Details 0 0 199 470 199 470 0 0. There is no honour. For each playable Faction (currently The Dragon, Illuminati, and Templars) characters are able to progress with their standing within their faction. Your standing with your faction, is known as your Faction Rank. Each rank grants you a new icon that is displayed next to your name when you are viewed by other players. Phoenicians are a member of the Council of Venice and another faction responsible for keeping the secrecy of the Secret World. The Templars are the world's least secretive secret society. Violence, Use of Drugs, Strong Language, Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Blood, The Best PlayStation Deals for October 2020, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, Best Buy 4KTV and Amazon Fire Deals: Save in This 60-Hour Pre-Black Friday Sale, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You., You can now buy some items from your faction's, You can now buy items from your faction's, Explosive Specialist Privilege Escalation, You can now buy all items from your faction's. The goal in choosing a faction is for players to pick based on the ideals and mindsets of the group as a whole, rather than the one with the most powerful abilities. Players must become a member of one of the joinable factions in order to participate in the game. From the gilded halls of the ancient pharaohs to the private clubs and the decadent parties of the famously rich and egocentrically famous, from leaders of industry and Hollywood agents to presidents and popes, the Illuminati have weaved their intricate web with ruthless cunning and acute skill. The Holy Terror. Each joinable faction has a headquarters where players can gather, find vendors and trainers, and other facilities: the The Dragon in Seoul, South Korea, the Illuminati in New York, United States, and the Templars in London, England. These are the groups and factions that players know about and encounter in the game, but cannot officially play a member of. Templars - London; Dragon - Seoul. What started as a typical boys-only club became a monster hunting group for all the children of, "The Young Warriors". The questions asked and the factions the answers aligned with can be see on the Initiation article. Furthermore, despite any similarities to real life, all factions in The Secret World are purely fictional. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Faction – Mission Walkthroughs Rewards . Mobility Privilege Escalation (Same as rank 2, need to buy rank 2 speed increase first). Most of them also have some other reward associated with them (access to a faction-specific vendor for example). Their members seem to primarily be mummies and other creatures who have been living since this group was founded back in ancient Egypt. The Templars believe they will deliver the world from evil by force, and even their opponents - who call them zealots and warmongers - cannot deny that force. The Templar Scooter is red and the Dragon Scooter is green. Factions. This ultimately has no bearing on exploration - you can go to any hub you want as soon as you reach Agartha, you just can't get into the other factions' headquarters. From a … They are not tied to any religion or mindset in the real world. As an agent of the Templars you are not just fighting the war on darkness, you "are" the war on darkness. And, some of them give you an upgraded version of your faction uniform. End Game Details 0 0 539 830 539 830 0 0. Now believed to be defunct. For the Secret World Legends version, see the faction specific article pages For each playable Faction (currently The Dragon, Illuminati, and Templars) characters are able to progress with their standing within their faction. Each faction will eventually give you access not only to specific story elements, but also faction-specific skills. Illuminati start in and are headquartered at NYC. Displayed below is the Illuminati Scooter. Dragon Illuminati Templars Non-playable factions. Factions are chosen during character creation and are permanent; there are no restrictions for race, ethnicity, or abilities. Your standing with your faction, is known as your Faction Rank. The Morninglight is a group that publicly appears as a new-age, self-help and religious, but seem to show up in areas of occult activity. Please update this page to reflect recent events or newly available information … You are invisible but pervasive, silent but all-knowing, and when the other secret societies have decimated each other, you will rebuild the world from the ruins of their arrogance. Title; Experience; PAX Romana; Black Bullion; Chaos Practice Details 0 0 23 750 23 750 0 0. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Center for Disease Control and Prevention,,, The Council of Venice oversee the hidden conflict between the secret societies, act as a mediator of the. Add new page. Go to new website. This is for all of the factions found in the game. The Secret World Wiki. Gigantic golems embedded with the natural forces of the earth that are activated by The Gatekeeper. A bunch of creatures and individuals that seem to have been around since the dawn of time and can be Gods, demigods or other god-like creatures that are above and beyond the Secret World that we know of.

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