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As this is Malcolm Claus's seventieth christmas mission (the traditional number of missions before handing the title of Santa to the next in line), Steve is fully prepared to step into the role of Santa, and fulfil his ambition. Wallace And Gromit: Holiday From Home (2021), Characters whose favourite colour is blue, S for Santa, I'm flying to this child! That turkey did more than him! Thank goodness he's too old these days to get into trouble. OK! he is so silly when he sang a funny goofy song to the lions fall asleep they woke them up in being . A Glitch? Arthur Mrs. Santa Please comment I haven't written a fan fiction before. : : Arthur Christmas Videos. Steve What if Steve had gotten that pool table for Christmas when he was eight? : : : : 4. Arthur Claus is the second born son of Malcolm and Margaret Claus, the younger brother of Steve, and the grandson of Grandsanta. Steve : Arthur! [Steve gets a phone call on his Ho-Ho, it wakes him up]  Pedro Poor Arthur! Steve Hello? Santa More Phil/Jack, and there's also Steve/Jack. Both will do whatever it takes to win his boss's love (though in reality it's never gonna happen). This is Germany, Father. Steve may not get the job but he gets the girl. [Clearing out his inbox on his HO-HO]  Out with the Old, In with the New! Santa : | : Don't be upset! They say Christmas is a time for miracles, after all. Please consider turning it on! Steve On Christmas Eve, during his first year as Santa, Arthur finds out that he’s not the only one who can make people happy at Christmas. What elf? New era. Please don't cry! [Agitated, pressing buttons, levers and knobs all over the bridge causing the S-1 to rock and sway violently]  Later in the film, a blackout happened at The North Pole due to another elf named Ernie Clicker trying to communicate with Arthur and Grandsanta, Steve is heard telling Peter to let go of his hand, As soon as Steve turn on his HOHO's light revealing both characters expressions, Peter can be seen being joyfully and smiling, while Steve‘s face tells it all: he’s been violated, objectified and humiliated and irritated. [Reading the manual]  But we cannot leave a child out of Christmas? : This could be a clue that Steves resentment of his father and his obsession with recieving his recognition could stem from his feeling of bwing passed over as a child. : [slams her cup down on the controls]  S-1 Computer Santa Well Done, Dear! No! Technical Specs, [after seeing that the Gift 47785BXK for Gwen Hines was Undelivered], [the Digital L.E.D display above the mainframe computer in Mission Control that displays the number of presents lights up and shows 0000000001 in red], [Overhearing the commotion in mission control, opens the doors and walks onto the main concourse], [Checking out details on the computer of the destination and the time of sunrise], [Steve gets a phone call on his Ho-Ho, it wakes him up], [Steve gets back onto the S-1 after having a fight with Spanish Pedro in Trelew, Mexico over the bicycle], [Faces Santa and keys in 23 Mimosa Avenue, Trelew into the S-1's GPS to see it it would come up with a list], [Steve, Santa & Mrs Santa look at the S-1's Videophone and see Arthur cycling across Trelew, England getting to Gwen's on her Twinkle Bike], [trying to operate the S-1 himself, denting it and jolting it violently, Flashing red lights flash all over the S-1's bridge], [Agitated, pressing buttons, levers and knobs all over the bridge causing the S-1 to rock and sway violently], [Steve appears at the doors to the bridge], [Santa accidentally leans on a lever and the S-1 jolts more violently], [presses more buttons and levers causing it to rock and sway even more violently], [puts on his S-1 gloves, fires up in the S-1], [Steve pulls the main lever on the S-1 to go at full throttle], [Passing through the operational area after the quarrel at the dinner table that broke out during the session of Christmas, The Board Game], [Steve takes the Silver model from the game and holds it], [looks at Arthur then looks down the hall to find that Arthur kept all the doors open], [Santa, Mrs Santa & Steve have arrived in Trelew on the S-1], [Back on the Bridge of the S-1 as Steve has gone to give Gwen what we believe to be another version of the bike], [Rings the doorbell, the door opens and a child that looks just like Gwen appears], [Pedro and Steve start fighting, Pedro starts weeping and wailing in a tantrum, Mr & Mrs Santa back up on the S-1's bridge can see the commotion on the S-1's Steve-cam], [Opening a Christmas cracker, having Christmas dinner with the family round at the dinner table at the North Pole's Residential Quarters], [Gets his false teeth back and continues eating his meal], [Shows everyone the Game, 'Christmas, The Board Game]. She was found in the old slay barn, after being left by her santa believing grandfather who had been trying to find him for years.. feeling like she’d be safer there as his health began to fail. Off course not, Dear! Steve Santa When Arthur doesn't receive a letter from Gwen, he doesn't want to accept the the fact that she no longer believes. Arthur? Steve [Steve, Santa & Mrs Santa look at the S-1's Videophone and see Arthur cycling across Trelew, England getting to Gwen's on her Twinkle Bike]  There is no way to get there on time, except, of course for the S-1! There is nothing to do! Santa : [puts on his S-1 gloves, fires up in the S-1]  You're my dad! There has been a glitch! I thought it was your mission! Santa Steve : [Passing through the operational area after the quarrel at the dinner table that broke out during the session of Christmas, The Board Game]  Steve Claus is the oldest son of Malcolm and Margaret Claus, the older brother of the main protagonist, Arthur, and the grandson of Grandsanta. Let me Guess! Steve Since gift delivery to child 47785BXK is all that seems to matter, I'll do it all myself, and we'll pick up Arthur and Grandsanta from whatever ditch they've ended up in. Steve! It's a Hand-held Operational and Homing Organizer, The HO-HO 3000! (However by expression on Steve’s face, he is creeped out by this). Steve is mistaken as a villain,this is false since he didnt commit a crime and just doing his job. [Rings the doorbell, the door opens and a child that looks just like Gwen appears]  Arthur Ho Ho Ho etc. This is your department! Steve : During the conversation about the missing gift, Peter is seen holding Steve's fingers, however Steve did noticed this and pulls his hand from Peter's fingers. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The S-1 has already traveled some Seven Million miles! Please don't cry! Steve Ta-Daah! Arthur & Grandsanta are out there probably not wearing nearly enough layers of clothing and you two are bickering over a big red toy! Just like Arthur? Appeared in Grandsanta, who is firmly rooted in the belief that things were better back in his day, constantly disparages Steve and does not approve of the way that Christmas has changed under Steve's management, foregoing a lot of traditions in favour of efficiency. This could be because he uses his bedroom as a control hub so he can work while off the clock, On the back of Steve's flashcards it shows the contents of each card: 1. Two elves decide to raise her with Mrs. Claus’s Blessing.. She grows up along side Steven, and craziness and friendship blooms. Although Steve loves his family, it's clear that the constant lack of recognition has damaged his relationship with them. You of course dad are Santa. [Airbag inflates]  Personality__________________________________________________________________________________. : Steve Not Necessarily! (voice) (uncredited), lighting and compositing technical director, senior look development technical director, lighting & compositing technical director, senior lighting artist / senior rigging artist, senior matte painter: Sony Pictures Imageworks, visual effects coordinator (as Chrissy Habblett), assistant technical director: lighting/compositing, senior lighting and compositing technical director: SPI, lead lighting and compositing technical director: SPI, Head of RP: Aardman Animation - 3D Scanning, senior cloth technical director: Sony Pictures Imageworks, lead lighting and compositing technical director, digital intermediate systems administrator, motion graphics artist: Sony Pictures Imageworks, lighting & compositing associate technical director, senior technical director: cloth and hair, lighter/compositor / visual effects artist, lighting technical director: Sony Pictures Imageworks, digital effects crowd simulation / visual effects artist, digital effects artist: Sony Pictures Imageworks, animation support and pipeline coordinator / effects animation coordinator, senior lighting and compositing technical director, character technical director / cloth & hair, technical director: lighting & compositing, lighting and compositing: SPI (as Radost Yonkova), cloth and hair technical director (as Michela Rose), cloth and hair technical director: SPI (as Rowsby Ricard), senior production services technician (as Lisa Curtis), 3D convergence / digital intermediate assistant, lighting and compositing technical director intern, development specialist / senior production services technician, look development / senior color and lighting technical director, supporting character technical director (uncredited), director of production services and resources (uncredited), animator (as Elisabeth Franklin Constantine), character animator: Sony Pictures Imageworks, assistant score mixing engineer / scoring pro tools engineer, additional music arranger / composer: additional music, music prep/librarian: UK / music prep/music librarian: UK, art department assistant (as Doug Gauthier), production management: sony pictures imageworks, production and studio infrastructure: SPA, production and studio Infrastructure: Sony.

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