who designed the nigerian flag

He mailed his submission to Lagos. His house painted in colours of Nigerian flag is a Sunday Olawale Olaniran says that when he first saw Nigeria's forgotten hero in miserable condition, he started to cry. The Nigerian Flag: Meaning, Facts, Photos & Who Designed it, Other interesting facts about the Nigerian flag, Buhari Govt. Taiwo’s original design of the Nigerian flag was a little more intricate than what you see today. However, the once famous man cannot remember what the then-president said to him. Mr. Taiwo Akinkunmi decided to enter a competition for the best Nigerian flag design and won. Taiwo says: “I took the details of what is expected to design a flag that would be used by a country that was about to witness the independence”. The flag has three vertical stripes of equal sizes, the left and right stripes are green while the centre stripe is white. The Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has denied having any involvement in the deployment of military operatives who shot live bullets... Former Governor of Lagos state and National Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress party, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has denied having a hand in the... Do you have any intentions of working with First Bank of Nigeria in any capacity? The primary symbol of each country is its flag. The two green stripes portray Nigeria’s rich agricultural heritage, while the white band stands for peace and unity. When Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi designed the Nigerian flag and drew three even columns painting the exteriors with green, it looked too normal. After Akinkunmi was forced to retire from civil service in 1993 due to his progressive illness, his pension payments were so irregular that he could not even feed himself. The Nigerian flag is made up of two colours; white and green. The very first model of the green and white Nigeria's flag designed by Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi in 1959. And from the thousands of entries, his own stood out. Some of its states also have flags. Last year in his annual independence address, then-president Goodluck Jonathan listed a number of goals reached by his administration, but, at the same time, admitted that Nigeria was facing many challenges. Mr Taiwo emerged as the winner and was awarded the monetary prize of 100,000 naira, which was a fortune back then. The Original design was given a little modification by the judges to better suit what they had in mind. BuzzNigeria – Famous People, Celebrity Bios, Updates and Trendy News, Nigerian Flag – History, Who Designed it? Interesting fact - it all happened in October 1959, only a year before his home country was granted full independence. Mr. Taiwo Akinkunmi decided to enter a competition for the best Nigerian flag design and won. Finally in 2014, he he received a national honour from then-president Goodluck Jonathan. The flag is an adaptation of the winning entry from Michael Taiwo Akinkunmiin a competition held in 1959. Yes, it does. However, Sunday also says that despite Akinkunmi’s terrible living conditions, he never heard anything negative from the old man. But we can understand - it is one of the hazards of growing older. It had the image of a red blazing sun in the white space in between which the judges apparently felt was not necessary and as such, it was removed. From that day on, people knew him as the Flag Man. He once visited Abuja in 2014 to receive the national honour from the former president Goodluck Jonathan. Taiwo always loved to study. Akinkunmi was a 23-year-old student of Norwich Technical College in London, England, when he submitted his proposal. As an electrical engineering student at the Norwood Technical College, London, he came Flag Man is still living in his small, green and white house. Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi, fondly known as ‘Mr Flag Man’, designed Nigeria’s national flag in 1959. was calling me Mr Flag Man.” He designed the flag in October 1959, a year before Nigeria gained independence. You must never hoist the Nigerian flag on the same staff or crossbar with the flag of any State, or the flag of any Commonwealth or foreign country. A lot of us have probably heard the name of the designer of Nigerian flag - Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The Nigerian flag is governed by the Coat-of-Arms and Flag Ordinance of 1960. The Yoruba man was born in Ibadan on the 10th of May 1936. This banner is one of the central Nigerian national symbols that represent the country. He immediately picked an interest and submitted his entry to the panel in Lagos State. 1. admitted that Nigeria was facing many challenges. Legend & Icon of Nigerian Music Industry: 2Face Idibia, The Significance of The Colours on the Nigerian Flag, Standard Measuring Dimensions of the National Flag, Some Facts & Rules Guarding the National Flag, NotJustOk Music Website: History, Profile & Awards, Top Famous Hollywood Actors And Actresses, The First University in Nigeria: University of Ibadan, Hero of June 12, 1993: Chief M.K.O Abiola Biography, Beans Powder: Meals You can make with Beans Powder, Bobrisky: Biography, Before & After, and Net worth, Flag of the President as Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, Former flag of the President, adopted in 1963, While hoisting the National Flag it should be ceremoniously flown in the morning during sunrise and lowered at sunset as according to them a flag of national importance does not sleep. Thanks to Goodluck Jonathan, the hero finally got the honour he deserves. Jonathan granted him a lifetime’s monthly salary - 800,000 naira, equal to wages of a presidential special assistant. Prior to the National Award, even when asked in an interview, the humble Mr Akinwumi said he has been living well and lacked nothing. He won the competition as well as a place in the history books of his home country. 8. The man himself did not remember what was diagnosed. The colours on the Nigerian national flag have something which they start for, they are not just ordinary colours as they seem: Green symbolizes the nation’s evergreen vegetation, agriculture, the forests and abundant natural wealth of Nigeria, White represents the nation’s passion for peace and unity and the River Niger bisecting the countryside. Years down the line there was actually no checks and balances that ensured his well being for the honour of service done for his country and as a result, he slipped the ranks and became like every other commoner who had to hustle and work really hard to earn a living. Years down the line there was actually no checks and balances that ensured his well being for the honour of service done for his country and as a result, he slipped the ranks and became like every other commoner who had to hustle and work really hard to earn a living. explained why he didn't feel optimistic about celebrating Nigeria’s 54th Independence in an elaborate fashion. He used to be in the government service. Hence, people cried out on his behalf to the government to do something about his living conditions. Currently, the man who designed the Nigerian flag lives in Ibadan and leads a very humble life. The man was only 23, when he gave Nigeria its national symbol, the green and white flag. 9. Not necessarily rich but at least enough for a peaceful retirement. You must never hang a torn, worn out or dirty Nigerian flag, as this would be considered a total disrespect to Nigerian symbol and Nigeria as a whole. He currently resides in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. He gave it some thought and decided to enter the competition. It was in 2006 when they met. Only a handful of people can boast full knowledge of what the flag signifies. The Nigerian flag is one of the National symbols that makes the country unique in its own way and style. If so, keep reading to find out. He says “I was well-known all over the place”. The 79-year-old Akinkunmi now lives in one of the poorest areas of Ibadan. He can’t even call them - Taiwo does not have a phone. It’s a three-line flag with green lines on the sides and white in the middle. READ ALSO: West African countries and their capitals. This variation is called the presidential or state flag, and it is used by the President of Nigeria and other top officials in his cabinet. “Even the journalist couldn't believe the man was still alive", he says. Who designed the Nigerian flag Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi, fondly known as ‘Mr Flag Man’, designed Nigeria’s national flag in 1959. Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi, the man who designed Nigeria’s flag is still alive but his present living condition is that of a forgotten hero. Following that, Mr Taiwo has been recognised by various individuals and organisations. For someone who did something as historic as designing the country’s flag, Mr Taiwo got a monetary reward that was actually a fortune at the time but that was it. READ ALSO: Photos From Nigeria's Independence Celebration In Abuja. "Everybody was calling me Mr Flag Man.". The was designed by Mr Taiwo Akinwumi while he was a student in 1959. 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