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The word skill keeps coming up. A federal government initiative to cut down on truckers exceeding their daily driving-time limits is good for safety but reduces driver earnings. All big carriers offer you big bonus ($5000-10,000)(bones the dumb dog keeping on chasing it won’t never reaches its (bones)once him or her almost reaches into the carrier will cutting back you miles. treat drivers with respect, get them home when they ask, and pay them right. The industry ignores this safety issue. Lack of parking facilities along with increased detention time at shipping and receiving ,along with never being able to be at my own home or around family is 8 or 900 dollars a week worth thT? In short, the Bureau accepts that there is high turnover in the long-haul segment but is not willing to label this a driver shortage. The industry has refused to address the problem creating the perceived driver shortage. I have been doing this since 1973. Hi I have been a member of this community for 37 yrs. The opioid epidemic is a result of the medical industry and the public accepting self-serving “research” funded by drug firms who produced dangerous drugs. Will 2020 be the year when autonomous trucks gain traction? Many of these companies companies complain when our federal government fines them for underpaid drivers. First, driving a truck is a hard job. Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” was an inspiration for a generation of drivers who liked the idea of traveling the country. Ill bet there would be “worker shortages” in other industries as well. The ATA is the largest national trade association for US truck carriers. The ATA is the largest national trade association for US truck carriers. Truck drivers are a vital link in the supply chain that keeps the American economy moving smoothly. Trucking moves about $700 billion of cargo in the U.S. annually. – concludes “as a whole, the market for truck drivers appears to work as well as any other blue-collar labor market… There is thus no reason to think that, given sufficient time, driver supply should fail to respond to price signals in the standard way.”. Most recently the ATA estimated that the trucking industry ended 2018 with a shortage of more than 60,000 truck drivers. “Over the past 11 years the ATA has put out these media blitz campaigns to claim there is a critical truck driver shortage. Third, Americans became accustomed to better lifestyles. A near 100 percent turnover rate reflects a severe problem within trucking. Very few few if the benefit the driver. There are also other skills required outside of driving. Quote “we don’t want the liability of you parked here”; safety be damned. He has been interviewed on CNBC and ABC. Its essentially the same pay I made in the 80’s almost 40 years ago. lets see, Roadrunner just laid off 450 drivers in the dry van division. This will not happen with our company. Use the comments section to cite yours. My pay was a percentage of what the load paid. Not hauling cheap freight. Once upon a time, the “knight if the riad” were respected and looked upon as men who were always willing to help motorist stranded/broke down. Moving 80 thousand pounds of freight down the highway is dangerous. How Can Companies Safely Surf the Pandemic’s Storm Waves? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Id like to see any industry tell their workes they have to be on the job 70 hours and only get paid for about 35 or 40 of those hours. See this Freightwaves article for a list of 9 trucking companies that have gone bankrupt thus far in 2019, wiping out over 3,000 drivers’ jobs. They disguise team driving as training. The hours of these workers are governed by the Federal Hours of Service regulations, which limit drivers to approximately 60 hours of work over a 7-day period and do not require a time-and-a-half pay premium for weekly hours over 40. However, there certainly is a shortage of carriers willing to pay enough to attract drivers and improve the workplace culture to retain them. I reather have someone under medical next beside me then some that is over weight, screaming medical problems that come with the weight problems. Also, they do not have to follow federal laws of overtime, or any laws regarding pay? The biggest problems in the trucking industry isn’t a lack of drivers. You figure the average driver works 50 weeks out of the year with two weeks vacation . If there was the rates would be better! Who wants to spend long hours at work, far from home and family? If the drivers dont wake up to the fact that we are in trouble, as an industry, and band together, it will not get any better. Therefore putting drivers and others in danger. This is a service that acts as a form of advertising but does not influence's recommendations. Those facts are no surprise. It fit the rugged individualist ethos of America, particularly from the 1950s to the 1970s. However, raising prices isn’t a panacea. In addition, the wave of deregulation created by the 1980 Motor Carrier Act created growth in trucking, because it allowed free markets to set prices for trucking routes. If you do a Google search, you will continue to see news stories reporting on the driver shortage. Lack of skills, lack of respect for more experienced drivers and an “all about me” attitude is severely harming the the public’s respect for truckers. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Then all of the sudden there is a shortage. Contact The “unskilled” label is the main reason trucking companies use to keep pay low. If you drive a truck you work countless hours for free? What I didn’t see mentioned in this article is the cost of health insurance taken out of a already low paycheck so people are being left with next to nothing. Is There a Correlation Between Tax Cuts and Tax Revenues? He hosts BGSA Supply Chain, the industry-only CEO-level conference for all areas of the supply chain. When the first truck brakes, the second, third, and fourth trucks can follow in lock step. Truckers have to go to school to get their license.That in itself means they get special training. 25 or less trucks. We operate three topic verticals. This is done using simple text files called cookies which sit on your computer. We don’t all need to be multimillionaire to survive in this world. All content and material Copyright © 2017ARC Advisory Group | All Rights Gain back our respect from the public. There is a so many trucks on the road, that’s why they pay us miserable, Everything stated is true on the money and or fact. We don’t matter because we are meant to provide the economy with what it needs to survive and then we are slaughtered. You cannot produce a qualified driver in such a failed system of training. We are putting new drivers in equipment and they are being told drive 8hrs take a half hour break finish day out and we really don’t care about which off ramp you park on just use up your hrs. Further cost increases pose a dire threat to trucking companies, which have faced a shocking spike in bankruptcies this year. welcomes divergent thoughts and opinions on transport technology and trucking industry issues. That can be done. While the costs would eventually be borne by the consumer, it added stress and uncertainty. In contrast, the rate at firms in a different segment, less-than-truckload, averaged only 12 percent. Easy answer, we are looked upon as cattle. The warehouses are totally apathetic to a drivers HOS, they all say “Safety” , but make you leave and violate HOS. I have seen this first hand. The large warehouses in Canada complain when a truck leaves their warehouse with no hours and gets in a accident and the courts ordered the warehouse to pay the cost medical care of the injured people. However I got out of the industry years ago because of low pay. Why we have this problem, how it threatens our entire economy, and what we can do to solve it, The U.S. Department of Labor recently published a provocative report. They are right. Like most websites DDI uses cookies. Some say better conditions would alleviate the shortage. We maintain a strict separation between news content and advertising. Autonomous vehicles are coming faster than you may think! There always have been enough new drivers entering the industry. Your email address will not be published. This is already starting to happen. Editor’s note: Jerry Hirsch is editor-in-chief of At Walmart, entry-level drivers are now earning record salaries of $86,000. They asked, “Is the US labor market for truck drivers broken?”. After a decade of economic growth and construction expansion, the universe of truck drivers is particularly strained. As a “professional” driver im still mystified that no one has the kahaunas to tell the truth. Then new fresh meat are brought in to take our place like we never existed. The ATA has NEVER been about the driver or gus welfare. confirm this is EXACTLY the problem with trucking companies and this article is spot on correct! This needs to change. Jut have to have the numbers to voice their concerns to their companies and be persistent. Driver wages do not reflect the skills, sacrifices and long hours which drivers experience and possess. The drivers will always be the only loosers until a real stand is taken buy the drivers as a whole in my opinion when the true shortage reaches around 100,000+ then and only then will they even think about changing their ways. Sorry it can’t work that way. If not you will either make no $$ or be let go. Furthermore, those who do make it past one year often find the long, unpaid work hours and living conditions do not justify doing the work. As fuel surged, truck driving became more expensive. No. is a trucking and automotive news and information company. People are lined up to work for these companies. After reading this article I’ve decided to put my experience in. You get what you pay for and the amount of current pay most drivers are getting is not worth the work & sacrifice they are giving in return to these companies, especially the over-the-road drivers. Love the people I meet and the industry. This Week in Logistics News (October 10 – 16), Editor’s Choice: How IT Can Lead Supply Chain Transformation. Why is there so much regulation in the name of safety but the laws itself make the industry unsafe? I also believe lifting the medical part as well. Hi Mark, you make a good point! At the end of the day the big companies have all the real contracts and are meeting the contract terms. These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information. Ever. I have no flexibility with the elog. Qualified opinion leaders are welcome to offer suggestions for opinion columns. Either way, the cost increases for trucking companies are encouraging them to invest more in technology. I’m a truck driver because my tongue isnt split in the middle like business men and women! MANY CHANGES! Indeed, the trucking industry faces a tremendous driver shortage. The industry has a bad reputation. I agree on much said. If you pay fair and competitive wages in any industry you shouldn’t have shortage of people willing to work. And in the long run, that will accelerate the path to a driverless future. However, incremental progress is already developing. In 2019, the US shortage spiked from 10,000 to 60,800, according to the American Trucking Association. As a truck driver myself, I can Truckers say there is a pay shortage rather than a driver shortage. The 86,000 looks good until you do the math. But the underlying challenges remain: not enough people want to drive trucks at current rates. People ask why is there nothing being done about this Injustice? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They want to continue to bring in more drivers at low wages and keep the churn going. All the trucking industry has to do is make pay and working conditions good enough to drag workers from other industries. The bureau cites an annual ATA survey of carriers, which shows that, between 1995 and 2017, the annual turnover rate at large TL carriers averaged 94 percent and that at small TL carriers averaged 79 percent.

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