undergraduate architecture portfolio

But someday, closer than you may realize, you’ll find your portfolio collecting dust under a stack old design magazines. their top 74 exceptional architecture portfolios. About the design: “After a few portfolio trials, I found out that having a lot of white space enhances and strengthens pictures and drawings. About the design: “This portfolio layout blends the flat design of large geometric typefaces and full bleeds with the skeuomorphism of tactile imagery, championing handcraft and the narrative of process.” - BenjaminWhy we like it: As intended, this unique design showcases the process of design and not just its outcome, coming across a little as a kind of design scrapbook that shows how Benjamin thinks through his work. The faculty also work with the students through a critique of their portfolio to ensure that it meets the Department of Architecture's standard of Design Excellence. Any auxiliary information, such as page numbers and project titles, is shown at an absolutely minimal size to bring out the strength of the work. From the typography to the position of the images and schemes, the whole portfolio is very light and elegant which its an accurate reflection of me.” - MiguelWhy we like it: One of the most striking things about this design is the way each image is cropped to the edge of its content rather than to a simple rectangle. About the design: “My portfolio contains only one project, explaining the design methodology behind it. In this time I took the best decision I have ever done, to apply to 5 universities in UK and to start my journey in the world of architecture. If this presents a challenge, might we recommend switching to another school. Copyright of photos belong to photographer/office mentioned. ” – Ernest Dimnet . They are universal and apply equally from Arkansas to Zimbabwe, and from the university level to professional internships. Communicate who you are as a professional with this undergraduate architecture portfolio template. Importantly, each new project is announced with a strict and consistent title page layout, giving structure to what would otherwise be a cacophony of different presentation styles. For physical portfolios, there’s nothing that beats the attenuation of the plain and simple Profolio by Itoya or, for something nicer, our favorite is the Prat Paris 112 Rod Binder in black leather. Whether it’s a deliberate image selection, or a clear, consistent layout, some people manage to fulfill all the criteria needed in a successful portfolio. While a clever and attractive business card might help you initially get a firm's attention, and a well-considered résumé or CV might help you prove your value, in most cases it will be your portfolio that makes or breaks your application. Here is why! var theDate=new Date() And don’t be afraid of blank space; it shows confidence that the images you choose to show are important. Take a look at Issuu’s list of top architecture portfolios here, and see a few of our personal favorites below. //

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