what is sarah strange doing now

She revealed that the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries fan favorite show was indeed canceled. The show has an excellent remaining cast that can continue to tell the story. So easy. Barbara Hallmark what are you doing here canceling the show just because of one character committing a criminal offense??? I’m sorry but are you just preaching and not choosing to teach by example? Sarah Rafferty makes commercials for unknown, but actually uses: Gucci. Who is Sarah Strange dating? It shouldn’t be overdone. The 15,000 she is guilty of breaks down to 72.00 dollars a week over the course of a 4 year education. Jill Langston Please come back Garage Sale Mysteries. Look at the soaps. This is wrong as it is not nice to bury so many people that are still breathing. The CEO is William J. Abbott and Deanne Stedem is head of the legal department. As for Hallmark, I’m still having difficulty getting into their newer mysteries. What happened to INNOCENT until proven GUILTY??? Or Hannah character can take over shop. Our show was canceled today and I am bereft. At least with those I come away with some knowledge. Good idea !! Normally in August, Hallmark has Garage Sale Mysteries month. It was one of the few Hallmark shows that I watched. I can’t believe how really stupid people can be thinking just because they have all the money in the world that it’s ok to cheat others out of their chance to go to college. All rights reserved. The whole cast is great. Has the ceo of hallmark thought about how he would feel in the actors place. At least everyone can come back. Let Dani be the #1 in the show. I get the feeling that Hallmark is running scared from something. We love Sarah Strange. They need to recast the role or revamp the story line. Are you able to find this info? A brave actress with a memorable name, Sarah Strange grew up in Canada, the child of two screenwriters, and began her professional acting career as soon as she left high school. March 16, 2019 by Georgia Makitalo 203 Comments. Her absence could be explained by a sudden illness that caused her death. Keep the show, kill off LL’s character. Morgan le Fay They do it in soaps all the time. We are mature viewers. You are so totally correct. Replace the character with another actress. Just because fans may be angry at what she did, that is no reason to cancel the movies. I also really like Kellie Martin. I say kill off the character and have Sarah Strange take over or the daughter, she likes to be in on everything. Sad. There are so many great actors on the show! I admit that I will miss some of the shows, but not enough to keep supporting the powers that be. These 10 Whopping Homes & Cars Of Celebrities Look Amazing! That would be interesting. i am a big fan of the Garage Sale Mysteries. I think those who watched and enjoyed the movies would continue to watch them. I did notice that it is mentioned that GSM has a third party involved but I can’t discover whom that is. Bring that one back. I’ve read the Cat Rescues by TC Lotempio and they are a good series, also the black cat bookshop. I would gather that the cast and crew being professionals and desiring to keep their jobs would find a way to deal with it, but the town itself could look at this differently. The “show must go on!”. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! It was only after I saw some recent photos of her and her husband that my heart noticed how broken she appeared. 52 Episodes (2004-2008), Life as We Know It I really liked Lori, but understand the sentiment that she has to go. I thought I had found my safe place, but it seems I was wrong yet again. Today I can’t play a note. A shame for all the talented cast & crew involved. Don’t punish the actors and all the other people who lost their jobs. What do you think Hallmark should do about Garage Sale Mystery: Search & Seized? My favorite show on HALLMARK cancelled! I religiously watch the Hallmark movies, however when Alexa and Carlos are in anything sad to say I seriously do not care for them and do not watch. I particularly liked the character that Lori Loughlin developed. Man up Hallmark and do the right thing and get the show back going and show our lead actress that it doesn’t pay to be a cheat but don’t punish the rest for her activities. You already have 2 other Ex S.G.1 stars. They are my favorites! Sally's Friend If they did not want to do that, then I wish they would make another Gourmet Detective. I love the rest of the cast. The tv channels have to much power they ditch popular shows without blinking an eye. Cannot believe there is no way to continue this intelligent, well written and classy show. I feel to not punish the crew and cast that didn’t do anything wrong. Get a replacement for Lori. It sounds to me like Mr. William J. Abbott CEO of Hallmark is lacking in Biblical principals and needs to take a refresher course at the College of the Holy Cross.

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